Supported ad formats

Epom Ad Server supports all popular ad formats: Display, Rich Media, Video (linear & non-linear), specific Mobile formats, custom HTML, Flash video, and more.

Supported ad formats



Standard ad units like png or gif.

Standard Mobile Ad Format


Banners that expand when you tap on it to show more advertising content.

Expandable Mobile Ad Format


An interstitial ad is a full-page ad that appears before the actual mobile webpage.

Interstitial Mobile Ad Format


The catfish appears to "float" over mobile web page content on a transparent background layer.

Catfish Mobile Ad Format


This ad format peel away the mobile web page corner.

Corner-peel Mobile Ad Format


This ad format is travelling across the mobile screen.

Travelling Mobile Ad Format

Video Interstitial

Regular Interstitial with Video.

Interstitial Image Carousel

Interstitial with swiping images effect.