Epom Ad Server for Large Publishers

Epom Ad Server offers solutions specially designed for large publishers and advertisers - filesharing companies.

Our solution is specifically designed for mass campaign creation and set up and is a combination of 100% web-based, massively-scalable real-time platform with advanced optimization technologies, mobile and video ad serving solutions and dedicated support.

Why Large Publishers Needs Epom

  • Massively-scalable, fast and reliable
  • Epom's servers process millions of requests per second. Our technologies ensure fаst ad calls. 99.75% of uptime SLA is guaranteed.

  • Globally distributed servers
  • Epom Ad Server has CDN providers in Brazil, Germany, Thailand, and USA to ensure that your ads are loaded in a millisecond in every part of the world.

  • Convenience
  • Run display, mobile, video ads, optimize your campaigns, control your traffic - you can do everything in one place.

  • Free precise targeting
  • Geotargeting, Frequency & click capping, IP, browser, OS, date and time targeting, specific mobile targeting, custom targeting.

  • Free Mobile ad serving
  • All mobile ad formats, 30 network API's, free SDKs.

  • Video advertising
  • Vast online video advertisement options.

Large Publishers Tailored Options

The Epom Ad Server solution has options that are specifically developed for ad campaigns optimization.

  • CTR, CPA, eCPM Optimization
  • With CTR optimization advertisers can easily increase their banners' weight, according to popularity.

    CPA optimization collects and analyses information over a period of two weeks and then gives higher priority to the landing page that brings more conversion (downloads, installations, etc.).

    eCPM optimization calculates the effective CPM for each type of CPC, CPA and CPM-based campaigns and then prioritizes advertising campaigns according to each campaign's performance.

  • Click Capping
  • Click Capping is the limitation in the number of clicks a specific visitor is shown a particular advertisement.

  • View to Conversion & Click to Conversion Time Frame
  • You can get the conversion code, define the conversion types and view conversion stats reports.

  • Even Capping
  • You can spread impressions evenly within a specific period of time.

  • Server-to-server tracking
  • You can define your own targeting criteria (such as age, gender or content) for more precise targeting.

Take a look at Epom Ad Server for publishers for more information.

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At Adperium.com, we are using the Epom Ad Server to serve millions of daily impressions. We are very pleased with the partnership, I've never seen a technology partner being able to resolve and implement fixes and features to their platform so quickly. The Epom support team is excellent and very helpful as well. In general, our experience with Epom is very good - I highly recommend working with them.
Niek van der Maas, CEO/Co-founder Adperium.com
I used a variety of ad servers for managing ads, but I love Epom most of all for its simplicity, effectiveness and great support. Epom has worked fantastically for us. The system offers several unique features and functionalities that set it apart from any other solution on the market.
Rohmat Sugito, Chief Executive Officer at Ocentrum Media
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