Epom Mobile Ad Server

With Epom Mobile ad serving solution you have single ad technology platform to manage your inventory across desktop, video, mobile, and more.

With rapid mobile advertisement growth, many publishers, networks, and advertisers are forced to use several ad serving solutions which is confusing and complicated. With this in mind, Epom is rethinking mobile ad serving, enabling publishers to effectively monetize their inventory and to increase ads fill rate of up to 100%.

Epom Mobile Ad Server core features:

  • Quick and simple integration
  • Epom Ad Server offers easy and quick ad management set-up. Two easy steps will allow you to activate ads at your mobile site within a few minutes. An intuitive UI makes your life easier, thus you spend less time on operations, and more on generating revenue.

  • Ad sizes
  • We have reliable mobile serving technology that allows publishers to run all existing ads types on mobile devices.

    • Smartphone sizes
    • Tablet sizes
    • Custom sizes
  • Ad Tags
  • Supports JS, Iframe, and image tags.

  • Targeting
  • Epom Ad Server offers mobile-specific targeting options for precise targeting:

    • Geographic: city, state, country
    • Operating System/Platform: iOS, Android, etc.
    • Carrier/Carrier Type: AT&T, Verizon, WiFi, etc.
    • Creative Support.
    • Banner images and HTML5 rich media creatives.
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Statistics is processed in real-time, so you have the full control on what is going on at any moment.

    • Graphical dashboard
    • Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF formats
  • Mobile Ad Exchange
  • Increase you revenue by offering your unsold mobile inventory into Epom marketplace.

Easy to use

Epom Ad Server allows publishers to take one single server side integration code from Epom server and run ads from different advertising platforms, mobile advertising networks and direct ads combined with any defaults they wish via this single code.

Epom mobile ad server is integrated into the Epom Ad Server platform and we offer it absolutely for free as part of the package. With Epom Mobile ad serving solution you have single ad technology platform to manage your inventory across desktop, video, mobile, and more.

The following next years are going to be very hot in terms of mobile advertisement. The audience is no longer connected to the stand-alone PCs only. They visit their favorite web-sites, read newspapers, socializing on smart phones and tablets. As part of the audience switch to consuming content on the mobile devices, mobile advertising becomes extremely important for many companies. Thus, if your revenue depends on your web presence in any way, you should start thinking about mobile right now. Not surprisingly, most of mobile advertisers are expected to significantly increase mobile marketing budgets in coming years.

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We selected Epom after a competitive bidding process with multiple vendors. We were impressed by Epom's offering and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.
Jan Miczaika, Head of Operations at Wooga
I used a variety of adservers for managing ads, but I love Epom most of all for its simplicity, effectiveness and great support. Epom has worked fantastically for us. The system offers several unique features and functionalities that set it apart from any other solution on the market.
Rohmat Sugito, Chief Executive Officer at Ocentrum Media
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