Epom Video Ad Server

Reach a broader audience with online video advertising, one of the fastest-growing ad formats on the market.

Online video is one of the fastest-growing ad formats nowadays. The vast majority of brands and agencies use video ads and invest massively in digital video production for their content marketing efforts. Why not to diversify your ad instruments across numerous digital channels? Epom video ad serving solution is here to help you succeed.

With Epom Video ad serving solution you can set-up, track, optimize video ad campaigns. Epom Video Ad Server is VAST (IAB Digital Video Ad Serving Template) 2.0 compliant video adserver. AdServer supports both Linear Video Ads (“pre-rolls”, "post-rolls') and Non-linear Video Ads (“overlays”). Overlay video ads include banners or text that is shown in the video frame and initiate another video or opening a website upon clicking on it.

Epom Video Ad Server core features:

The following types of ads are supported:

  • In-line video ads: A video appears before (pre), or after (post) the video stream with advertiser's site opening.
  • Overlay video ads: An image, Flash (swf), text or HTML ad that appears on top of the main video stream and lead to the advertiser's site.

Video ad formats:

  • Pre-roll (a video appears before the main video stream)
  • Post-roll (a video appears after the main video stream)
  • Overlay

The following video player configurations are currently supported:

  • Flowplayer 3.1.3 or later
  • JW FLV Media Player 4.5 or later
  • Custom player implementations (in accordance with Open Video Ads VAST Actionscript3 Framework)

The whole process of setting-up video ad campaigns is very simple, you need to use a flash-based media player, such as Flowplayer, JW Player or a custom player. Also, you need to use a VAST compliant plugin to allow your player to communicate with Epom Ad Server via VAST XML requests. If you use Flowplayer or JW Player, use Open Ad Streamer Plugin from Open Video Ads. If you choose to use a custom player, you should develop VAST compliant plugin on your own, in accordance to Open Video Ads VAST AS3 Framework.

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With full responsibility we can say that Epom is our smartest investment for online marketing toward managing advertising space. Epom enables to launch and manage the banners easily depending on the preferences of the clients. Also, Epom offers the best customer service that we have ever had.
Gentian Lluka, Chief Executive Officer at Telegrafi
Display Traffic House
Epom provides us with a lot of advantages like deep targeting, excellent mobile solution, detailed analysis and campaigns management. With Epom we rapidly increased our key efficiency metrics. Epom provides clients with personal assistance, which was a great value for us. We deeply appreciate Epom’s outstanding services and cooperation. They know the market and care about our needs and requirements.
Raymond Fenech,
Chief Executive Officer at Display Traffic House