App Installation Tracking

With Epom App Tracking SDK’s you can effectively manage you in-app campaigns.

Epom technology enables to tracks app installs from Google Play and App Store via unique app tracking SDK's for iOS and Android, even though the direct access to such statistics isn't usually provided.

The applied technology, commonly known as the device fingerprinting, works in the following way: as soon as the ad is being clicked on, Epom records and stores the info about the made click, including the special device identifier. Further on, the user, who has clicked on the ad, installs the app that was advertised (via Epom App Tracker SDK for one of the mobile OS's, for instance). As soon as this particular app is launched for the first time, the generated notification, regarding the installation, is sent to Epom Ad Server with the identifier. If the identifier matches the previously logged device fingerprint from the ad click, the server records it as conversion.

The basic steps to start tracking installations with Epom Ad Server are as follows:

  • 1. Sign up and create your account.
  • 2. Create your mobile/application placement in Publishers tab.
  • 3. If you plan to run ads in mobile apps, integrate the SDK provided (iOS / Android).
  • 4. Create mobile campaign in Advertisers tab.
  • 5. Create Actions and integrate the Epom Tracking SDK (iOS / Android) into the app you aim to track.
  • 6. Run campaign and check the results in Analytics tab.
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At, we are using the Epom Ad Server to serve millions of daily impressions. We are very pleased with the partnership, I've never seen a technology partner being able to resolve and implement fixes and features to their platform so quickly. The Epom support team is excellent and very helpful as well. In general, our experience with Epom is very good - I highly recommend working with them.
Niek van der Maas, CEO/Co-founder
Epom significantly optimized 4shared ad inventory which resulted into a total revenue boost of 35%. The platform is serving more than 5B of 4shared's ad impressions monthly, including a big volume of mobile traffic. Before we had tried Epom, we experienced troubles with monetizing mobile traffic and video, Epom has solved this problem effectively. Critically for us, Epom customer support is just as good as their server.
If you are looking for a good ad server, I highly recommend to try Epom. I’m happy to provide further information if required.
Andrey Luilko, Sales Director at