Epom solution for networks

Epom Ad Server offers a robust, massively scalable ad serving platform with a spectrum of network-specific capabilities.

Epom solution for networks

Epom Ad Server for Networks has been exclusively designed to simplify your daily routine and ad serving operations so that you can focus on your business goals and achieve more revenue.

The unique Epom solutions for Networks significantly increase the business effectiveness, ad network reach and provide a number of additional revenue opportunities.

Due to its range of benefits, Epom Ad Server for Networks will help you to:

  • Drive revenue growth
  • The wide range of provided targeting opportunities, real-time ad campaign management tools and engines enable to optimize multiple advertising campaigns in a fast and simple way and maximize the acquired income.

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Epom Ad Server for Networks supplies clients with the robust functional basis and an intuitive user interface that makes the ad management process quicker and simpler.

    Rather on wasting hours on a daily routine, Epom clients can now save money and focus on more scalable matters in the business development.

  • Increase market share
  • As the convenience of usage is as essential as the driven profits, loyal and new partners can alike benefit from the simplicity of dealing with Epom Ad Server.

    In particular, it is easy to give advertisers access to real-time management options, analytics and statistics, regarding their ad campaigns, which allow take control of the performance and improve it.

    Similarly, the publishers can also enjoy a vast range of ad inventory management possibilities.

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Thanks to Epom Ad Server features, it is easy to establish and promote a network’s brand as reliable, transparent and attractive one to partner with. They also allow expanding client database and proving reputation as a trustworthy enterprise.

  • Build stronger relationship with your partners
  • Acknowledging that communication, collaboration and mutual benefits are the core factors in successful partnership, we have included in Epom Ad Server for Networks many significant features to satisfy our clients’ most specific needs.

  • Automate daily routine
  • Knowing that financial planning and forecasting are among the highest priorities in the business creation and development, we have made Epom Ad Server for Networks more, than easy-to-use to save our clients' valuable time and funds.

Read our Epom Ad Server for Networks presentation to keep up to date on the latest current trends in advertising solutions.

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At Adperium.com, we are using the Epom Ad Server to serve millions of daily impressions. We are very pleased with the partnership, I've never seen a technology partner being able to resolve and implement fixes and features to their platform so quickly. The Epom support team is excellent and very helpful as well. In general, our experience with Epom is very good - I highly recommend working with them.
Niek van der Maas, CEO/Co-founder Adperium.com
We selected Epom after a competitive bidding process with multiple vendors. We were impressed by Epom's offering and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.
Jan Miczaika, Head of Operations at Wooga
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