Ad platform benefits for advertisers

Generate higher revenue for lower operating costs with Epom ad serving and managing platform.

Epom Ad Server for Publishers and Advertisers

Display, Video and Mobile

Monetize your traffic with Epom Advertising Solution! We accept display, video and mobile traffic.

CPM, CPC, CPA campaigns

We allow running ad campaigns of any types: CPM, CPC, CPA campaigns. Maximize your revenue with us.

Quick Campaigns Set-up

Getting ready to start your first ad campaign with us will take a couple minutes. Our system will be automatically updated right after your registration.

Ad Campaigns Management

Epom offers several solutions for you to optimize your ad campaigns:

  • Increase your banners' weight using CTR optimization. This algorithm adjusts to each piece of inventory and calculates the banners’ weight according to its popularity.
  • CPA optimization feature is useful for all advertisers who work with CPA model and want to optimize their ad campaigns using Epom Ad Server. The algorithm starts to work in one hour after ad campaign launch. It collects information over the period of two weeks and analyzes in real time, which landing brings more conversion (downloads, installations, etc.), this landing receives higher priority.
  • eCPM Optimization automatically prioritizes all advertising campaigns according to each campaign's performance. It computes the effective CPM for each type of CPC, CPA and CPM-based campaigns and then determines the optimum weight to assign to each campaign.

Advanced Targeting

Epom has a wide range of targeting options such as geographic, language, browser, time range, cookie value targeting and custom targeting for web. You can benefit more when you deliver your ads right to the end customer.

Epom reaches mobile devices in all verticals: geographic, device, IP, OS, and carrier, allowing you to target your audience precisely. Read more right here.

Real-Time Monitoring

Get an instant assess to your Analytics. With instant statistics updates, you can control ad campaigns performance every single moment.

Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports give detailed insights into the performance of ad campaigns, ad placements, banner sizes, records and simulate sales by tracking all metrics from banners and ad campaigns.

Post-Click and User Tracking

Find out more about your visitors! Post-Click Tracking allows having a perfect understanding of how a visitor interacts with the website by recording click patterns.

Unique visitor tracking is now in Analytics Tab. From now on you can use this powerful feature to analyze your audience and improve performance metrics.

Rich Media

Rich media is changing the game for advertisers and creating huge demand. You will see a significant uplift in earnings as a result.

You can view all the formats in Rich Media Gallery for Web and Mobile.

Epom Market

If you interested in Epom Market, please, send your offer and contact information to

Maximal Performance and Security

Maximal performance allows you to manage several ad campaigns at a time, navigate intuitively though user interface and track your statistics in real time.

Epom guarantees a high quality and provides a comprehensive approach to ensure it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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With full responsibility we can say that Epom is our smartest investment for online marketing toward managing advertising space. Epom enables to launch and manage the banners easily depending on the preferences of the clients. Also, Epom offers the best customer service that we have ever had.
Gentian Lluka, Chief Executive Officer at Telegrafi
Display Traffic House
Epom provides us with a lot of advantages like deep targeting, excellent mobile solution, detailed analysis and campaigns management. With Epom we rapidly increased our key efficiency metrics. Epom provides clients with personal assistance, which was a great value for us. We deeply appreciate Epom’s outstanding services and cooperation. They know the market and care about our needs and requirements.
Raymond Fenech,
Chief Executive Officer at Display Traffic House