Features for publishers and advertisers

Generate higher revenue for lower operating costs with Epom ad serving and managing platform.

Epom Ad Server for Publishers and Advertisers

Cross-platform Solution

Manage your Desktop, Video, Mobile Web and Mobile Apps inventory using a single adserver offered by Epom. We offer free mobile SDKs and installation tracking SDKs as well for Android and iOS. All major mobile ad networks already integrated into the platform.

Advanced Ad Campaigns Management

Manual precise prioritization allows you to manage and control ad campaigns in the most convenient way.

Advanced Ad Campaigns Management

Auto-Weighting based on eCPM optimization, CPA, CTR optimization determines the optimum weight to assign to each ad campaign to maximize your revenue.

Epom Ad Server also gives you an opportunity to manage several ad networks, direct advertisers and publishers all at once. You can estimate your ad campaigns in a real time mode, schedule and target your ads with a single click.

Advanced Campaigns Targeting

Epom targeting options allow you to target your ad campaign by country, language, IP Range, browser and operating system.

Advanced Campaigns Targeting

You can set the following limitations: The Start Date and The End Date, Total Impressions Limit, Daily Impressions Limit, Total Clicks Limit, Daily Clicks Limit, Budget, Daily Budget. Learn More.

As for Mobile Targeting, it covers: Geo-targeting, browser, browser language, OS, IP range, device type (format and vendor), mobile carrier, WiFi traffic and custom targeting.

Support Standard Ad Formats and Rich Media

Support Standard Ad Formats and Rich Media

Epom ad platform supports all media formats: Flash video & expandable content, VAST 2.0, integrated display, video & mobile, custom HTML, rich media formats and many more.

Real-time Operation, Statistics and Reporting

Statistics and Reporting

Start and promote brand-new advertising campaigns in a real time, implement underway changes in them in a fast and simple way, increase the campaigns’ productivity by means of well-timed reports.

The Analytics gives access the most important statistics data consolidated on a single screen and updates in real-time.

Free Hosting & CDN Delivery

No need to think about licensing costs, server costs, and maintenance costs.

Free Hosting & CDN Delivery

Now you can easily leave it to us and have more time for strategic decisions.

CDNs enable the delivery of video, audio, applications, images, and other files from servers closest to each end user and POPs located in key Internet locations. In fact, we opened local content delivery for Epom’s customers.

Epom Ad Server also provides free banners hosting for advertisers.

Web-based Control Panel

No extra software installation is needed. Monitor and manage your ad campaigns in your favorite web browser.

Customer Support

We aim to make customers feel confident with us. A Personal Assistant is assigned to each new user for free to help him migrate easily. You will get the response to any occurring questions or problems, being assisted with the clear solid answers and the most effective solutions. Technical support service is available to the rest online and on the phone 24/7.

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We selected Epom after a competitive bidding process with multiple vendors. We were impressed by Epom's offering and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.
Jan Miczaika, Head of Operations at Wooga
I used a variety of adservers for managing ads, but I love Epom most of all for its simplicity, effectiveness and great support. Epom has worked fantastically for us. The system offers several unique features and functionalities that set it apart from any other solution on the market.
Rohmat Sugito, Chief Executive Officer at Ocentrum Media