In-App Ad Serving

Engaging Advertising in iOS and Android Applications

Expand yield by using Epom Ad Server's in-app advertising solution. Benefit from advertising in iOS and Android applications with the help of our Software Development Kits, use all targeting and performance optimization functionality available for display and mobile advertising, and maximize fill rates with access to 20+ mobile-specific DSPs available via Epom Ad Server's Real-Time Bidding platform.

Engaging Ad Formats

Use overlay ads, static banners, and slideshow or video interstitials to drive the performance of in-app advertising. Easily integrate in-app advertising into your business with the help of iOS and Android SDKs, which give your clients full control over the process of displaying ads in their mobile applications.

Increase Revenue

Integrate with over 20 mobile-specific DSPs (such as AdMob, InMobi, Smaato, JumpTap, etc.) available via our Real-Time Bidding platform and easily maximize your client's fill rates and earnings.

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