Affiliate Summit West, 2014: Impressions by Epom

January 21, 2014

Having already returned from the latest Affiliate Summit West 2014, held in Las Vegas, Epom representatives are happy to share their impressions about the conference.

As we have previously announced, the members of Epom team have attended one of the most famous marketing conferences - the annual Affiliate Summit West, held in Las Vegas. Having come back, the company's representatives are happy to share their impressions and insights on the event.

According to Andrew Lebowski, Epom Business Development Manager, Affiliate Summit West, 2014 was even more informative and exciting to attend. It has gathered some of the most prominent affiliate marketing specialists and companies worldwide. Epom team members have gotten an opportunity to take part in various discussions, concerning the present and the future of the industry, its major trends and probable perspectives; exchange their outlooks and vision of the segment with the most reputable experts in the world.

Additionally, Serg Kopitkowski, Epom Senior Sales Manager added that our representatives have also arranged meetings and negotiations with Epom international partners during the conference, in addition to the previously scheduled ones.

"Undoubtedly, now that Affiliate Summit West, 2014 is over, it is time to get down to work, that is, expand our client base and develop cooperation with Premium affiliate networks all over the world faster and easier", he claimed.