Win the Fight of Undivided User Attention With an In-image Ad Format

Win the Fight of Undivided User Attention With an In-image Ad Format

June 13, 2017

In-Image Format

Lots of our customers were asking us for the way to monetize their website images with Epom Ad Server. And now we have the answer!

Epom has just launched an evolved ad format: In-image, which was designed to improve digital ad campaign performance.

In-image ad covers editorial images when the user hovers or clicks on them. Based on smart data and user behavior, ad format provides them with a more engaging exposure to advertisements rather than an obtrusive experience.

According to statistics, people remember pictures a 52% longer time than random banners, especially when the images relate to the things they love.

Here are 5 reasons to test-drive
in-image ads right now:

  • 40% higher CTR than banners
  • Contextually relevant
  • high viewability & engagement
  • seamless integration with an editorial content
  • available for desktop and mobile

Leverage your visual assets with highly engaging in-image ads & get higher revenue. Our algorithm optimizes inventory viewability to maximize touch points with your audience.

In–Image Types:

In-Image Types

Each of them can be shown on load, on mouse hover or on click and could be placed at a 100% of an image, and any lower size.

Why use it?

  • Advertisers

    Right place & right time for delivering brand's message. Achieve better results across desktop & mobile with an integration to the editorial content. In–image ads only render when the actual image is in full view of the browser window. They are resident to the photos over which they appear and thus adjustable to mobile devices.

  • Publishers

    Monetize your content even harder without adding space to your pages. Benefit from the new revenue source that complements the website's content without irritating users. Deliver relevant, engaging inventory thanks to one algorithm that combines contextual and behavioral data analysis for a superior user experience.

  • Users

    Yeah, we care about them too. They'll gain contextually relevant user experience than traditional display advertising. Native format of image–based ads makes the content unobtrusive.

In-image ads that are cleverly embedded as in-article images can meet the needs of all parties while creating additional monetization channels resulting from improved viewability. Try it now!