Roles & Permissions

Delegate Work and Maintain Security

Epom Ad Server makes it exceptionally easy to delegate work and expand your ad operations team quickly, without undertaking any security risks. The solution comes with a fully customizable arrangement of roles and permissions, allowing you to set restrictions on the actions and features available to members of your team.

Effective Delegation

Whether you have a team of 2 employees or 200 employees, delegating work and assigning responsibilities to each individual member of your team is guaranteed to be quick and simple. The Roles and Permissions functionality provides a great amount of flexibility and scalability, eliminating any hurdles standing between you and your business's rapid growth.

Client Independence

The system of roles and permission allows you to control every aspect of every individual user's abilities within our solution. Create accounts with access to statistics pages only if you are running a blind network. Create roles that allow advertisers to take full control over their own ad operations, or limit their permissions to simply uploading banners and selecting the publishers they would like to work with.

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