API Request

Epom Affiliate Network offers can be accessed via API using the HTTP GET requests.

Every request should include additional parameters to be processed: either a combination of hash, timestamp, and username; or API Key.

Method #1



  • username – the given username.
  • timestamp – UNIX timestamp in milliseconds used for hash generation.
  • hash – an MD5 digest built on the concatenation of MD5 hash of the requesting party's password and timestamp.

If you are using PHP, hash and timestamp values can be generated with the following code:

$password = "04f93802d02b78934c4e4dfccf3d1feb";
$timestamp = round(microtime(true) * 1000);
$hash = md5($password.$timestamp);
echo "\n Timestamp: ".$timestamp;
echo "\n Hash: ".$hash."\n";

Note: Hash and timestamp values are valid for five minutes and should be re-generated.

Method #2

To start using API Keys in your network, allow Network Managers to generate API Keys:

  1. Log into your Network Supervisor account and click User Roles and Permissions from the left side menu.
  2. Set the API Key Access permission to ENABLED for the Network Manager account.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

Network Managers will now be able to manage unique API Keys for other network users in the following way:

  1. Log into your Network Manager account and go to the Users tab.
  2. Double-click the User account.
  3. On the user card, click Generate next to the API Key field:
  4. The API Key will be generated – copy it for later use and click Submit.
  5. Provide the API Key to the user, who would be able to request the affiliate offers' list with its help:
  6. https://epomaffiliate.com/rest-api/affiliate/offers/list.do?apiKey={APIKEY}

Please note that the keys are unique for every network user, and can be re-generated at any moment.

API Response Example

We generally recommend to retrieve the latest versions of available campaigns every hour.

Response format: JSON

"name":"Offer 1",
"description":"Offer Description 1",
"previewUrl":"https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobileartsme.SecretBox", "iconUrl":"http://lh4.ggpht.com/EDcJJrvI7_d7Ir-3xp8BXQtHrFOyJTS4N6a5g7_7HWTWY8YuEn3H2yb3FgAvM66-PXo",
"name":"Offer 2",
"description":"Offer Description 2",

Supported Parameters

Name Sub-field Description Value Data Type

Unique offer ID. Integer

Offer name. String

Offer description.  

URL of the app page in a relevant app store. URL

URL of the app icon in a relevant app store. URL

The tracking URL of the offer. See Using Offer Tracking URLsection. URL

Link to the creative and/or banner files for the offer. Creatives are optional.

URL to ZIP archive
platform Parameter for filtering offers. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Symbian, J2ME, BlackBerry, XrossMediaBar, Bada, Palm OS, Solaris, MeeGo, Chrome OS, FreeBSD,
Windows Phone


Target countries relevant to the offer. Array of 2-Letter ISO Country Code Strings


Target platform of the offer. Array of Strings. Available values: IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS_PHONE, WINDOWS, LINUX, MACOSX, SYMBIAN, J2ME, BLACKBERRY



Pricing type of the offer. CPA


Global price of the given offer. Double


Country-specific price of the given offer. Map string-to-double (Country Code to Price)
limitations maxDailyInstalls Maximum amount of installations per day. Integer
limitations maxDailyBudget Maximum budget of the offer per day. Double

Analytics Reports

Affiliate Network users can generate Analytics reports via API by processing the HTTP GET request with API Key to the following UPL:



  • apiKey – API Key of the Publisher.
  • range – time frame for the report. Available values: TODAY, YESTERDAY, CURRENT_WEEK, CURRENT_MONTH, LAST_7_DAYS, LAST_30_DAYS, LAST_MONTH, LAST_3_MONTH, LAST_6_MONTH, CURRENT_YEAR, LAST_YEAR, CUSTOM. Default value is TODAY. When CUSTOM range is used, customFrom and customTo parameters should be specified.
    Default value is TODAY. When CUSTOM range is used, customFrom and customTo parameters should be specified.
  • customFrom (optional) – Start date for analytics in format yyyy-MM-dd; range parameter should be set to CUSTOM.
  • customTo (optional) – End date for analytics in format yyyy-MM-dd; range parameter should be set to CUSTOM.

Using the Offer Tracking URL

The offer tracking URL contains a number of parameters that must be populated by the publisher (marked below):

  • Android:
  • http://example.com/ads?key=c28bb7e08573b5c53b19679188781125&ch=&cp.subId=&cp.google_device_id=

  • iOS:
  • http://example.com/ads?key=c28bb7e08573b5c53b19679188781125&ch=&cp.subId=&cp.apple_device_id=


  • cp.subId – Sub ID for installation Postback setup.
  • ch – Publisher ID.
  • cp.google_device_id – ID of the Android device.
  • cp.apple_device_id – ID of the Apple device.

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at support@epom.com. Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.