Scheduled Notifications in Epom Affiliate Platform are designed to help keep track of the affiliate ad serving activity. Affiliate Notifications are created by Affiliate Network Supervisors. Affiliate Publishers can then manage the notifications personally in their accounts. Your network users will then receive notifications over the email, for example:

All the Affiliate notifications are:

  • Sent via email.
  • Role-based.
  • Iterative, with a predefined timeframe.
  • Cumulative
  • Designed with the use of your branding (requires White-Labeling).

The following events can trigger Affiliate notifications:

Notification Type Required Action
New Offers Available Affiliate Manager created new Inactive Placements.
Affiliate Offer was approved by Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager created new Active Placements, or set the existing Placements status to Active.
Affiliate Offer deactivated Placement was deactivated or removed by Affiliate Manager
Payouts Increased | Payouts Decreased The Global Pricing was changed on Placement level. Notification won't be triggered by the change for a specific Country or Region.
Capping changed Capping was changed on Placement level.
Geo Targeting changed Geo Targeting for an Affiliate Offer was changed.

Creating Affiliate Notifications

note Aff notifications

Before you start, please contact Epom Support Team to have the Email notifications' markdown templates added to your network.

Once this is set and done, create a new affiliate notification:

  1. Log into your Network Supervisor account.
  2. Choose Scheduled Events from the System Configuration section of the left side menu.
  3. Click on the top of the screen and fill out the form that appears:
    • Name: affiliate notification name. Please note that it will be visible to Affiliate Publishers in their accounts.
    • Default Frequency: frequency settings for the affiliate notifications to be sent. The value can be set anywhere between 1 notification per month up to 200 notifications per day (every 7 minutes). However, if no events that trigger the notification took place, the email won't be sent.
    • Default Start At: the delay before the first notification to be sent.
    • Example setups are available below.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Choose Scheduled Notification Templates from the System Configuration section of the left side menu.
  6. Double-click the Template you need and fill out the following fields:
    • Title: internal name of the notification, change it if necessary.
    • Active: select this checkbox to turn on the notification.
    • From: Email used to send the notifications.
    • To: ${} macro will be replaced with an email set in the Epom User Account for the given role.
    • BCC: Email addresses to send a blind copy to. Optional.
    • Reply-to: Response email address (in case it should be different from the sender address). Optional.
    • Subject: Email subject.
    • Scheduled Event: Select the name of the affiliate notification event you created in the Scheduled Events pane.
    • Roles: Specify the roles in your network that should receive the notification.
note Aff notification templates

1. The rest of the form should already be filled out. Please change it at your own discretion, and save a copy beforehand.

2. Please be cautious when saving the Template. Once you Save the Template, it will be automatically deployed to all related accounts in your Network. Updating the Template afterwards won't automatically update it on other user accounts.

Example setups

          Default Frequency: 1 times per month.
Default Start At: 7 days.
  • First notification will be sent in 7 days after creation.
  • All subsequent notifications will be sent the same day once per month.

          Default Frequency: 3 times per day.
Default Start At: 3 days.
  • First notification will be sent in 3 days after creation.
  • The notifications will be spread evenly throughout the day starting from 00:00 (UTC): 08:00; 16:00; 00:00.
  • All subsequent notifications will be sent daily at the same time.

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.