As an Affiliate Publisher, you can view all the affiliate offers available in your network, choose the ones you'd like to serve, and view statistical information regarding your ad serving activity.

Affiliate Publisher account consists of four panes - Dashboard, Offers, Reports, and Postbacks - which you can navigate via the left side panel.


The Dashboard pane provides a general overview of your ad serving activity. It includes the following predefined elements:

  • Three widgets that represent Revenue, Conversions, and Clicks for yesterday and the last seven days.
  • Same information represented in the form of downloadable chart and table.
  • Top offers for the last seven days and featured offers are displayed in the right section of the pane.


The Offers pane is a list of Affiliate Offers approved by your Affiliate Manager.

You can easily find perspective offers by applying the filters, specifying the offer Status, and/or inserting the Offer Name in the corresponding field.


Reports pane allows you to collect and export the analytical information regarding your ad serving activity. To run a report, go to the Reports pane:

Affiliate Network
  • Specify the Start and End Dates for your report, or choose suitable Time Range.
  • Select the Country if necessary. With this field empty, the report will cover all the countries.
  • Choose a specific Offer if necessary. Leaving this field empty will result in a general report for all the Affiliate Offers that were active within the time period.
  • Group By: select the parameters which will be used for grouping the report if necessary.

Clicking Get Report will display the analytical data in the Reports pane. To download the report, click Export To and choose the suitable format (PDF or Excel).


In the Postbacks pane, you can configure Third-party reporting with the Sub ID method, which allows notifying third-party server that the Conversion took place.

To form a Postback URL, take the third-party server URL and add the $$CUSTOM_PARAM(subId)$$ parameter to it. The result will be similar to:$$CUSTOM_PARAM(subId)$$


In the account Settings section, you can insert and update your User and Billing information, and change the password for your account.

To access that, click your account name in the top right corner, and click Settings in the list that appears. The Settings section itself consists of three sub-tabs: User Information, Change Password, and Billing Information

Scheduled Notifications

As an Affiliate Publisher, you will be receiving the scheduled notifications triggered by various affiliate events. They are configured by your Affiliate Network Supervisor. If you would like to change the frequency or timing of the notifications:

  1. Log into your Affiliate Publisher account.
  2. Click your Affiliate Publisher name in the top right corner of the screen, and choose Settings from the drop-down list.
  3. Switch to the Notifications sub-tab and apply the required changes:
  4. Click Save to confirm the change, or Cancel to discard it.

Epom Affiliate API

The information regarding the API integration for the Epom Affiliate Network is available in the Epom Affiliate API section of the Affiliate Publisher account. To access that, click your account name in the top right corner of the screen, and select the corresponding item from the list.

Need more help?

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