The Analytics REST API section will guide you through the process of using Epom Ad Server API to obtain analytics data.

  1. Log into your Network Supervisor account.
  2. Click REST APIs Reference in the System Configuration group of the side menu.
  3. Go to the Analytics REST API tab.

To obtain analytics data, a specific URI supported by the server should be called via HTTP POST or HTTP GET request. Depending on the Analytics type, the following requests should be performed:

The server will respond by returning data in the format that was specified by the requesting part, or HTTP Error with a corresponding snippet that explains the error.

Responses might contain the following errors:

Request is obsolete The difference between the timestamp in the URI and the current timestamp in Epom System is more than 5 minutes.
No matching credentials found Password tied to the login specified in the URI is incorrect or empty.
Data fingerprint mismatch Hash received from the user doesn't match the one calculated by Epom System.

note Analytics REST API

Please find a sample here.

Layout Settings

To get reporting layout settings for selected user the following method should be used:

URL: /rest-api/analytics/reports-layout-settings/{login}/{hash}/{timestamp}.do
Method: GET
Response format: application/json

Error codes:

  • 401 Unauthorized – authentication error.

Response sample:

200 OK
"success":true," reports-layout-settings":
 "sumGross","requests","sumNet","ccr","i2c","profit"], "allColumns":
   "Base Analytics":


  • statsType – (optional) defines the Type of Statistics the reporting setting should be received. Available values: BROWSER_OS, THIRD_PARTY_FILL_RATE, TARGETING_COOKIE, DSP_FILL_RATE, CLICKS_LOG, HADOOP_ADREQUESTS, CONVERSIONS_LOG, SSP_WIN_RATE.
  • login – requestor login in Epom system.
  • timestamp – UNIX timestamp in milliseconds used in hash generation.
  • username – the given username.

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