This articles covers the Advertiser side of workflow in Epom Ad Server, which consists of three interconnected entities:

  • Advertiser. This is the highest level of division which is generally used to group all the ads of a certain advertiser.
  • Campaign. This level allows you to divide all the Banners of an Advertiser into separate groups by a certain attribute.
  • Banner. On this level the Advertiser can configure the ad settings and preferences, upload creatives, etc.


Please follow these steps to add a new Advertiser:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers tab.
  2. Click the Add Advertiser icon.
  3. Fill out the Create New Advertiser form:
  4. If necessary, specify the Categories for this Advertiser. This can be then used to connect to the Publishers using the Rules functionality, and help manage your network's Advertisers and Publishers more effectively:
    • Sharing Settings: In this pane you can share the Advertiser to other users of your network – just fill in the user name, specify the Sharing Type, and click :
    • Advertiser Capping: This option allows you to limit the number of Impressions that will be served to a unique user during a certain period of time by the Advertiser. Selecting the Flat checkbox will divide the limitation equally between all entities of the Advertiser.
    • Limits: This option is similar to Capping, but allows you to specify the limitation for all users during a certain period of time (Start and End Dates), as opposed to a unique user:
    • Filtering Advertisers: The drop-down lists on the top of the Advertiser pane can be used to filter your network's Advertisers by Share Type and Category:


Once the Advertiser is created and configured, you can create an ad Campaign for them:

  1. Click on the side panel or the Add new Campaign button on the Advertiser page.
  2. Fill in the Create New Campaign form:
  3. Click Save.

You will be forwarded to the Campaign page where you can set up additional campaign preferences such as: Targeting, Capping, Limitations, Pricing, Actions, Exclude Competitors Campaigns, Piggybacks. Campaign level settings will be applied to all Banners within that Campaign.


When the Campaign is configured, you can start adding Banners to it.

To add a new Banner to the Campaign, click the icon that corresponds to the Banner Type you need in the side panel. Alternatively, it is possible to choose the Banner Type you need from the Add new Banner menu. The Create New Banner form will appear. It will contain a slightly different set of fields, depending on the Banner Type you choose. Please follow the links below to find out details regarding the specific Banners.

The following Banner types are available:

  1. Banners for Site Placements - standard display banners, which are shown at certain Placements within the web page markup.
  2. Banners for Non-standard Placements - banners are shown anywhere on the screen, but not within the webpage content, e.g. pop-up banners, floating banners, etc.
  3. Banners for Mobile Placements - used for mobile sites.
  4. Video Placement Banners - video or image banners that are shown along with the video content (i.e., a video ad that is shown before the main video).
  5. Application Placement Banners - ads for iOS and Android applications.
  6. Banners for E-mail Placements - ads for email advertisements.
  7. Banners for Native Placements - ads that support multiple formats and sizes depending on the ad request for Native Advertising.

Matched Inventory

On every Advertiser, Campaign, and Banner card there is a Matched Ads pane that displays Sites > Zones > Placements that can be linked to the Banners of the Advertiser manually, and the ones that are linked according to Rules.

  • Sites, Zones and Placements can be filtered by Name, Label and/or Category.
  • It is possible to display the Placements that are linked manually or via Rules by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and clicking Filter.
  • Click the Sites/Zones/Placements to navigate to the corresponding card.

Tips and Tricks

  • With the help of the Mass Banner Uploading feature you can fill the Campaign with multiple Banners that would have identical settings.
  • You can set Targeting, Capping, Limitations, and Pricing for all Banner Types.
    Banner Pricing has a higher priority than Campaign Pricing. Therefore, Banner Pricing will be selected by the system in case both are set.

    When Targeting is set both on Campaign and Banner levels, both Targetings will be applied by the AND rule

    note When Targeting is set both on Campaign and Banner levels, both Targetings will be applied by the AND rule

    Please note that this may disrupt the settings of the same targeting type, as they will be matched by AND rule instead of OR rule. For example, when we set different targetings by Country on Campaign and Banner levels, they will contradict each other, as the user cannot be in two different countries simultaneously.

  • The Only this Campaign on page setting detects if there are several Invocation Codes on a single page, and will block all ads once the first one was displayed. This option works for Banners from different Campaigns as well (for JS Invocation Codes only).
  • Only one Banner per page serves the same purpose, but for Banners within one Campaign. This prevents multiple Banners from the same Campaign from being shown simultaniously (for JS Invocation Codes only).

Campaigns & Banners Cloning

You can duplicate or move any Campaign with its Banners and their settings as well as the Banners themselves. It can be done in two ways:

  • In the Advertisers list on the left: Drag and drop the item on top of the Advertiser where you would like the Campaign to be copied or moved to.
  • On the Campaign or Banner cards: Navigate to an existing Campaign or Banner and click the Copy this Campaign button on the top pane of the card.
  • Click Copy all banners to select all the banners in the list.
  • Select the Keep banner(s) linked checkbox to leave all Banners within the copied Campaign linked as they are.
  • Click Set all banners ON to keep the copied Banners active.

Confirmation message will be displayed.

A single Banner can be copied or moved too. Follow the same steps, but this time drag and drop the Banner on top of a Campaign.

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.