The Limits functionality is designed to restrict advertising activity according to the number of Impressions, Clicks, Budget, and Date/Time.

Follow these steps in order to set Limits:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers tab.
  2. Navigate to an Advertiser, Campaign, or Banner for which you would like to set Limits.
  3. Enable the Limits pane from the right side menu.
  4. The Limits pane will be displayed. It consists of two columns - in the left column you can set the Limits, the right column displays current values:
    • Start/End Dates - defines the time period for the Limits. The GMT time zone is used by default. Select the My Local Time checkbox to use your timezone instead.
    • Total Impressions Limit - maximum number of Impressions for the Advertiser, Campaign, or Banner.
    • Daily Impressions Limit - maximum number of Impressions per day.
    • Total Clicks Limit - maximum number of Click actions.
    • Daily Clicks Limit - maximum number of Click actions per day.
    • Budget - maximum revenue for the Advertiser, Campaign, or Banner.
    • Daily Budget - maximum daily revenue.
  5. Set the Limits. Select the Even Pacing checkbox if you would like to spread the defined Limit(s) equally during a specified timeframe.
  6. Click Save.

Per Action Limits

Additionaly, you can set Limit per specific Action in a separate Per Action Limits pane. The option is available on Advertiser/Campaign/Banner as well as Publisher/Placement levels.

Per Action Limits

For this:

  1. Enable the Per Action Limits pane from the right side menu.
  2. The Per Action Limits pane will be displayed.
  3. Select needed Action from Action list, enter Daily limit and Total limit.
  4. Click +.

When activated, pane displays two additional columns:

  • Daily - actual value of daily actions.
  • Total - actual value of total actions.

Limitations' Specifics

  1. The data in the right column is refreshed every hour, so the values in the Analytics reports might differ from the ones displayed in the Limits pane.
  2. The following factors (or their combinations) might disrupt the Limits functionality, thus causing unwanted discrepancies:
    • Due to Epom Ad Server operating in the multi-server environment, the ad serving is completely stopped in 1-5 minutes after the Limit value is exceeded, and not exactly when the last Impression or Click is performed.
    • The Limitation value is much lower than the actual number of Impressions or Clicks per minute (i.e.: the limit is set to 2,000 for a Banner that receives ~20,000 Impressions per minute).
    • The events that are under limitation are spread unevenly (i.e., user activity drastically increases during a short period of time).
  3. The Even Pacing feature works for the entire period of the Limits. Enabling this feature in the middle of the time period might temporarily disable the ad serving. For example:
    • Total Impression Limit is set to 5.000.
    • The timeframe for the Limit is 5 days (Monday-Friday).
    • On Monday, 3.000 Impressions were served.
    • Network Manager decided to turn on the Even Pacing option. The algorithm counted how much Impressions should be served daily:
      5.000/5 days = 1000 Impressions per day.
    • However, 3.000 Impressions served on Monday cover the three-day limit, so the Even Pacing feature will disable ad serving on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the ad serving will be continued (as soon as the overrun is compensated).

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.