Pricing defines the cost which an Advertiser should pay to the Publisher for serving the ads.

There are three Pricing models available in Epom Ad Server:

  • CPM (Cost per Mile, also called cost%, Cost per Thousand, CPT) - the most common Pricing model, when the Publisher receives a certain payment for one thousand displays of the advertisement.
  • CPC (Cost per Click) - the Publishers' income is based on the number of Clicks the ad receives. This Pricing model is used mainly to direct traffic to web-sites, and the Advertisers are usually site owners.
  • CPA (Cost per Action) - with this Pricing model the payments are based on specified, completed Actions. Typical Actions include: clicks, form submissions (e.g, contact requests, newsletter subscriptions, registrations), a sale, an opt-in, etc.

Follow these steps to set the Pricing:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers pane.
  2. Select an existing Advertiser > Campaign or Advertiser > Campaign > Banner depending on whether you would like to set the Pricing for the entire Campaign or for a single Banner.
  3. note Permissions

    Banner Pricing has a higher priority than Campaign Pricing, so in cases of a collision, Banner Pricing will be selected by the system.

  4. Enable the Pricing pane from the right side menu.
  5. Configure the Pricing settings:
    • Choose the Payment Model: CPM, CPC, or CPA.
    • Specify whether the Pricing should be location-based:
      • Global Pricing would be generic for all the Countries that are not specified explicitly.
      • Select a Country from the list to set Pricing for a specific location. Hold down the Shift key to select multiple Countries from the list.
    • Set the Price value.
    • For CPA Pricing Type, choose the Action. Please note, that the Actions should be added before CPA Pricing is set.
    • For CPA Pricing Type, select the Use General Pricing checkbox in order to use the Pricing that is set on the Action card.
  6. Click . The corresponding entry will be added to the list.

Uploading Pricing File

Pricing Settings can be uploaded via a CSV file. This is particularly useful when there is a need to set multiple Pricings all at once, or the same Pricing should be set for multiple Campaigns/Banners.

  1. For CPM and CPC Pricing Types, the file should consist of Country and Price columns:
    • * stands for Global Pricing.
    • Either ISO Country codes, or full Country names can be used to define the Country.
  2. For CPA Pricing Type, the first column should include the list of Countries, and a separate column should be created for every Action:
    • Countries' column should have an underline '_' symbol in the first cell.
    • * stands for Global Pricing.
    • Action names in CSV files are case-sensitive.

Payouts Overriding via Action Tracking URL

Pricing specified for the Impressions, Clicks, and Actions can be overridden by adding a special parameter to the Tracking URL and passing it via the tracking request.

To activate this feature:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers tab.
  2. Navigate to the Advertiser > Campaign.
  3. Configure the Pricing Overriding:
    • For Actions: Select the Allow Action Pricing Overriding in URL checkbox.
    • For Impressions and/or Clicks: Select the Allow Impression/Click Pricing Overriding in URL checkbox.
    • Optional. Fill in the 3-digit multiplier (e.g.: 0.126) to the Exchange rate to base currency field. Campaign Gross will be multiplied by the specified Exchange rate, and the resulting value will be recorded towards Epom Analytics.
  4. Click Save
  5. note Payouts overriding via action tracking URL

    Pricing pane should be activated, and CPM, CPC, or CPA Pricing type (for Impressions, Clicks, or Actions respectively) with a value greater than zero should be set for the Campaign in order for the Pricing Overriding to work.

    For Actions: Actions pane should be activated.

  6. For Action Pricing Overriding add cp.ap parameter with a value of the Action's price to the Action Tracking URL. For Impressions and/or Clicks add cp.op Example URLs:
    • For Pixel Tracking::
    • For SUD_ID method:
    • For ACTION_DATA method:

Running such requests will score an Action with the price of 25 towards the Gross in Epom Analytics. Please note that the values in the Pricing pane at Epom won't be changed.

Need more help?

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