Epom Ad Server provides an option to pass additional parameters in Action Tracking URLs. These parameters along with the corresponding values will be available in Epom Analytics. Custom parameters are most commonly utilized as a part of Pricing Overriding functionality.

note Actions

Detailed log checkbox should be selected on the Action card for the Custom Parameters and their values to be tracked.

The general syntax for the parameters should be cp.[parameter-name]=[parameter-value]. For example: 'cp.price=42' or 'cp.product=shoes'. The parameter separator is '&'.

So, to pass the aforementioned parameters, the Action Tracking URLs should be:

  • For Pixel Tracking:
  • http://n244adserv.com/action.gif?key=62eaa2e3db355e00693af5ced33f3faf-17-2&cp.price=42&cp.product=shoes
  • For SUB_ID Tracking:
  • http://adshost2.com/at?subId=MjJ8MjR8VUF8M3wxfHw|7eff87d5fbbb95e51f915e7b5d7254ed-22-20&cp.price=42&cp.product=shoes
  • For ACTION_DATA method:
  • http://adshost2.com/at?actionKey=52957d7778d48e0d9cd2b0f7e97bf4f3-22-0&actionData=MjJ8MjR8VUF8M3wxfHw&cp.price=42&cp.product=shoes

In order to view the conversions report with the custom parameters, run the Analytics Report grouped by action.

Passing Custom Parameters in JS Pixel codes

Custom Parameters can be inserted to the JS Pixel codes and transmitted to Epom Ad Server alongside JS Tracking Pixels. To do so:

Modify the JS Pixel code:

  • Add the following functions for every Custom Parameter and value:
  • var parameterName = "some_passed_name";
    var parameterValue = "some_passed_value";
  • Add the variables for the Custom Parameters and their values:
  • +"&cp."+paramName+"="+paramValue+"

    The resulting code would be:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    (function() { function Action(h, a) {
    var paramName1 = "param1";
    var paramValue1 = "passedValue1";
    var paramName2 = "param2";
    var paramValue2 = "passsedValue2";

    new Image().src = (location.protocol=="https:"?location.protocol:"http:") + h + "/action.gif?key=" + a + "&t=" + new Date().getTime()+"&cp."+paramName1+"="+paramValue1+"&cp."+paramName2+"="+paramValue2;
    } Action("//a6adserv.com", "26306c83bc70b4efd1c48a8bb2f6ca75-18-45"); })();

note Actions

Please insert the variable names, not their assigned values into the code.

Add the placeholders for Custom Parameters to the Piggybacks in Epom Ad Server.

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Publishers tab.
  2. Navigate to the Site > Zone > Placement.
  3. In the Piggyback section, add the Custom Parameters to the URL:
  4. http://www.example.com/example.php?key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    So, for the JS Tracking Pixel code mentioned above, the Piggyback would be:


Need more help?

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