Server-to-Server tracking (Postback tracking) is a secure and reliable alternative to Pixel Tracking. It is most commonly used when the Cookie Tracking can not be used either for technical (i.e., mobile environments) or legal (i.e., Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications) reasons.

Epom Ad Server includes two options for Server-to-Server tracking: ACTION_DATA and SUB_ID.

To start using the ACTION_DATA method:

  1. Log into your network account.
  2. Navigate to the Actions tab and add a new Action.
  3. Double-click the Action and copy the Action Track URL from the Action Data section of the Action Tracking pane:
  4. Navigate to the Advertisers tab and add a new Advertiser > Campaign > Banner or choose the existing ones:
    • Specify the URL and add the ?actionID=$$ACTION_DATA$$ macro to it. (Note: any other Custom Parameter can be used instead of 'actionID').
    • Activate the Actions pane from the right side menu.
  5. Go to the Publishers tab and add a new Publisher > Zone > Placement or choose the existing ones.
    • Link the Placement to the Banner you've created previously.
    • Copy the Invocation Code.
  6. Place the Invocation Code on the page (it might be a test-page as well) and load it.
  7. Click the Banner. You should be redirected to the Landing page URL, where the $$ACTION_DATA$$ placeholder in the URL will be replaced with the actual Conversion Key. Conversion Key contains unique Placement ID and Banner ID, Country, Browser and OS.
  8. Copy the Conversion Key and add it to the Action Track URL (from step #3) instead of the $$ACTION_DATA$$ placeholder. The resulting URL would be:
  10. Provide the code to your Advertiser(s).

The Advertiser should 'fire' this Action Tracking URL once the Conversion is complete. Due to the diversity of the sites, it is usually left to the advertisers' discretion how to perform that.

Testing Postbacks

To check if the Postback is working properly:

  1. Start your browser and access the Developer Tools. For example, launch Google Chrome and select Tools > Developer Tools from the Chrome menu.
  2. Go to the Network sub-tab of the Developer Tools.
  3. Copy the Action Tracking URL with the Conversion Key added to it (the one you are to provide to your advertisers) and paste it to your browser's address field.
  4. Press Enter and check the request status. It should read 'Status 200 OK':
  5. Log into your network account in Epom Ad Server and go to the Analytics tab.
  6. Configure the Analytics report:
    • Select the proper Banner from the Advertisers Filter.
    • Choose the Action you added from the Action Filter.
  8. Click Run Report. The Conversion should be scored:

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.