The choice between SUB_ID and ACTION_DATA methods is defined by the requirements for the Postbacks:

  • If there is a need to set a single Postback for multiple offers, SUB_ID method should be used.
  • In case there are multiple Conversion types all at once (i.e.: Install, Sale, Opt-in, etc.), the ACTION_DATA is a great solution.

This is based on the fact that the two methods process different types of Conversion Keys.

While using the SUB_ID method, the resulting Conversion Key contains the information about the Placement ID, Banner ID, Country, OS, and Browser, but most importantly - the Action Key.

On the other hand, the Conversion Key in the ACTION_DATA method only contains Placement ID, Banner ID, Country, OS, and Browser. The Action Key is processed separately, which makes it usable for multiple different Actions.

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