There are three types of manager accounts in Epom Ad Server - Network Manager, Affiliate Manager, and Universal Manager. The key difference between these roles is the Data Types that can be accessed and managed:

  • Ad Serving Data Type
  • Affiliate Data Type

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Network Manager has access to the Ad Serving Data Type.
  • Affiliate Manager can access the Affiliate Data Type.
  • Universal Network Manager role combines both the Network Manager and Affiliate Manager roles.

Permissions for these roles are predefined, but they can be changed by Network Supervisors in the User Roles & Permissions section.

Network Manager

The Network Manager administers Publishers and Advertisers. This is the main account for daily operations: managing ad campaigns and inventory, performance analysis, and campaign optimization. The account can be accessed either directly from the login page or from the User's Management interface of a Network Supervisor account.

Once you log into a Network Manager account, you will see a ribbon on the top, which consists of several tabs:

Please follow the links below to find out more information regarding the listed tabs and their designations:

  • The Dashboard tab. In this tab you can see your current widgets and add new ones.
  • The Publishers tab contains all the websites where you show ads and allows you to manage them.
  • The Advertisers tab contains all advertisers who provide you with ads and allows you to manage them.
  • The Analytics tab allows you to run reports on your ad serving activity.
  • The Actions tab provides a list of all actions available along with the mechanism to create, edit, or remove them.
  • The Shares tab allows you to transmit your sites to advertisers, publishers, and other users: Inventory Sharing; Advertiser Sharing.
  • The Templates tab covers available banner templates.
  • The Preferences tab allows you to manage your account settings, i.e. change your personal data and password, share access to your website, configure system notifications, etc.

This is the default set of tabs for the Network Manager Role. Network Supervisors can enable or disable certain options if necessary.

The default list of permissions for this and other account types is available in the Default Set of Roles and Permissions article.

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager account is designed specifically for Affiliate Tracking Platform management. The detailed description is available in the Epom Affiliate Network section.

Universal Manager

Universal Manager has access to all the functionality that is available both to the Network Manager and Affiliate Manager. Besides that, the following key additions to the functionality are included:

Zone Identifier

Is Affiliate checkbox appears on every Zone. It identifies if the Placements within that Zone are Affiliate or not. This checkbox is automatically selected when an Affiliate Offer is converted. More information regarding Affiliate Offers and Campaigns is available in the Epom Affiliate Network section.

Also, Affiliate Zones have a different icon:

Data Type Filters

Data Type filters are added to:

  • Publishers tab:
  • Advertisers tab:
  • Analytics:

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