Application Placement is a rotation pool of ads designed specifically for Android and/or iOS-based devices.

To integrate ads into your iOS or Android apps you need to create an Application Ad Placement, then download and set up either the iOS or Android SDK respectively. The SDK consists of code that takes care of communication, ad refresh, as well as look-and-feel customisation.

To create an Ad Placement follow these steps:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Publishers tab.
  2. Select an existing Site > Zone or add new ones.
  3. Click the Add Application Placement button and fill out the form that appears:
    • Ad Category: Banner Ad, Interstitial Ad.
    • Application OS: choose the target OS for the Placement.
  4. Click Save. You will be forwarded to the Application Placement card where you can set another Placement settings and download Android SDK or iOS SDK to your computer.

User Manuals will be downloaded along with the SDKs. Please refer to these documents in order to integrate the SDKs into your apps.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to integrate the SDK into your application, you can serve ads using JS Sync code or API requests.

Need more help?

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