A Video Placement is a rotation pool of video ads. There are four ways to display this type of ad units:

  • Pre-Roll Ad - a video ad shown before the video content.
  • Mid-Roll Ad - a video ad appearing as a break during the video content.
  • Post-Roll Ad - a video ad shown after the video content has ended.
  • Overlay Ad - a graphical ad covering the bottom third part of the video player window.

To add a Video Placement:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Publishers tab.
  2. Select an existing Site > Zone or add new ones.
  3. Click the Add Video Placement button and fill out the form that appears:
    • Vast 3.0 Config - settings for the Skip Ad button behaviour:
      • Show Skip Ad Button. Select this checkbox to allow skipping ads.
      • Show After (seconds) Defines when the Skip Ad button will be displayed.
  4. Click Save. You will be forwarded to the Video Placement card where you can specify additional settings and get the VAST 2.0/3.0/4.0 tags, which should then be inserted to your player.

You can select the ad serving domain from the Domain drop-down list that will be used for your VAST tags if you have more than one available domain.

HTML Samples panel allows to test the performance of the generated VAST tag via the player sample:

In addition to the regular settings available for all placement types, Video Placements include Vast Progress Events and 3d Party Vast Tracking settings.

Vast Events

Epom Ad Server supports VAST events tracking. In order to enable this feature, select the items you need in the Vast Events pane:

  • AD START - Video ad or overlay display started.
  • AD FIRST QUARTILE - 25% of the Video ad was viewed.
  • AD MID POINT - 50% of the Video ad was viewed.
  • AD THIRD QUARTILE - 75% of the Video ad was viewed.
  • AD COMPLETE - Video ad or overlay display completed.
  • AD PAUSE - Video ad display paused.
  • AD RESUME - Video ad display resumed after a pause.
  • AD CREATIVE VIEW - a creative element was displayed.
  • AD MUTE - Video ad was muted.
  • AD UNMUTE - Video ad was unmuted.
  • AD FULLSCREEN - Video ad full-screen mode was toggled.
  • AD EXIT FULLSCREEN - Video ad full screen was exited.
  • AD EXPAND - Video ad was switched to the expanded view mode.
  • AD COLLAPSE - User exited the expanded view mode.
  • AD SKIP TRACKING - User skipped the Video Ad.

Custom VAST events

If none of the predefined VAST events meet your needs, it is possible to add custom events to your Video Placement. To do so:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Actions tab.
  2. Add a new Action.
  3. Go to the Publishers tab and navigate to the Site > Zone > Video Placement.
  4. Click Vast Progress Events from the right side menu. Click the disclosure triangle on the Vast Progress Events pane if it is collapsed:
    • Select the Action you created from Event Action the list.
    • Set the Time for the Action to take place during the Video ad display in one of the following formats:
    •               HH:MM:SS

note Vast Events

If the VAST action is enabled on the Placement card, it will be tracked for the linked Banner(s) as well, and vice versa.


In order to see statistics for VAST events:

  1. Log into your network account and navigate to the Analytics tab.
  2. Select the Breakdown By Action checkbox and choose the Actions you would like to track from the corresponding list.
  3. Select the Video Ad Campaign(s) from the Advertisers Filter.
  4. Set another reporting options and click Run Report.
VAST events Analytics

Third Party VAST Events Tracking

With Epom Ad Server it is possible to track Impressions, Clicks, Progress, and Events for third-party ad servers. To do so, go to the Site > Zone > Placement and enable the 3rd Party Tracking Codes field. Fill in the Tracking URL, choose Tracking Type and click :

If Third Party VAST Events Tracking is configured either on Banner or Placement cards, both the Banner and the Placement events will be processed to third-party ad server.

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at support@epom.com. Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.