Please follow these steps to link the Banners to the newly created Placements automatically:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers tab.
  2. Choose Advertiser > Campaign (if you would like all the Banners within a Campaign to be auto-linked), or choose Advertiser > Campaign > Banner (if you would like the specific Banner to be auto-linked).
  3. Click the disclosure triangle to expand the Advanced Settings section of the Campaign (or Banner) page.
  4. Select the New Placements Auto-linking checkbox and choose the Auto-link Categories from the list:
  5. Click Save.

Now the Banner(s) with corresponding Categories and with appropriate sizes will be automatically linked to the new Placements.

Please keep in mind that if the Auto-linking feature is activated at the Campaign level, it will be applied to all the Banners within that Campaign.

Auto-linking by Labels

As an addition to the Auto-linking by Categories, Banners can be automatically linked to Placements by their Labels. In this case Labels act as additional filters which will help customize the Auto-linking. For example, this is useful for Non-standard Placements because they do not have pre-set sizes.

To set up this feature choose Advertiser > Campaign > Banner and click the disclosure triangle to expand the Advanced Settings section:

  • Select the New Placements Auto-linking checkbox.
  • Specify the Auto-link Categories.
  • Select the Labels for the Banner in question.
  • Click Save.

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.