The User Management section of the Network Supervisor account is designed for adding new users as well as deleting or editing existing ones. This section also lets Network Supervisors log in under any account in their network.

To access User Management just sign in to your Network Supervisor account and click the corresponding item in the Users & Accounts group.

  • To add new account, click , fill out the form that appears, and click Submit.
  • To edit the information or settings for an existing user account, either double-click it in the list of accounts or select it and click . Click Submit to save the changes you have made to the account settings.
  • To delete an existing user account, click the user record in the list of accounts, click Delete, and then click Yes in the confirmation dialog that appears.
  • To switch to another user account, click the user record in the list of accounts and click . To return to your Network Supervisor account, just log out of the account you have switched to by clicking the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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