April, 25 2017

  • Affiliate Platform
    • We are introducing Scheduled Notifications functionality. It is designed to track affiliate ad serving activity by scheduling automatic email notifications.
    • Affiliate Campaign conversion process was optimized.
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Several improvements were done for the Scheduled reports' functionality along with some fixes.

  • User Agents Filtering
  • User Agents can now be whitelisted and blacklisted in the corresponding sub-tab of the Fraud Protection Settings in Network Supervisor accounts.

  • Native Ads
    • Native Ads now support Capping.
    • Native Banner Ads now support External Banner sources.
  • MediaTrust© Integration
  • Several improvements were introduced for the MediaTrust integration.

  • Click-tracking for Local Banners
  • Click parameter is now supported for Banners stored locally.

April, 4 2017

  • DSP Integration
  • We have integrated ~20 demand-side platforms, improved Epom RTB module and related internal infrastructure.

March, 28 2017

  • UI Improvements
  • Multiple improvements were done in order to optimize the UI responsiveness and processing time for the user actions in Trees User Interface.

  • Daisy Chaining for Video Placements
  • We have added Daisy Chaining functionality support for Video Placements.

  • Passbacks – Discrepancy Issues
  • Several specific cases that caused discrepancies when using Passbacks were resolved.

  • New Affiliate Networks
  • Affle and MappStreet networks.

March, 6 2017

  • Epom Analytics
  • Epom Ad Server
    • Campaign Labels
    • Campaign level Labels were added. They correspond to the Banner Labels and work as a part of Rules functionality.

    • Sign-in Security Protection
    • We have improved the protection of Epom Sign-in mechanism – both via API and User Interface.

    • Blacklisted IPs for Action Tracking
    • Actions performed via blacklisted IPs are now marked as fraudulent.

    • Campaign cloning speed significantly optimized for big Campaigns.
  • Epom Affiliate Platform
    • Tracking URL default format for Affiliate Platform has now been changed to HTTPS, making it more reliable.
  • DSP Integration
    • New platform integrated – RTB Gramex.

January, 24 2017

  • Epom SDK Update
  • Epom Apps team has significantly improved both iOS and Android SDKs, providing support for the latest updates for both the platforms, increasing their reliability and compatibility.

  • Advanced Capping
  • Epom Ad Server team is introducing a commonly requested feature - IP-based Capping - an advanced addition to the regular capping. More information is available in the corresponding article.

  • Epom Affiliate Network
  • Epom Affiliate Publishers will now be able to see the progress events when checking for the new affiliate offers. Also, it is now possible to continue your work with affiliate platform when requesting the offers list, which will be downloaded in background without interruption.

  • UI improvements and defects fixes

Need more help?

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