To help you keep track of the workflow of your network, Epom provides interactive indicators for all the Sites, Zones, and Placements as well as Advertisers, Campaigns, and Banners.

There are three indicators available:

  1. State: Active or Inactive
  2. Epom automatically scans if any ad serving activity took place in the last six hours; if not, the Inactive state will be set. Also, the Inactive state is triggered when there are no Banners connected to the Placement and vice versa.

  3. Status: On or Off
  4. The status shows if a certain entity is turned On or Off, so there's no need to browse through every item manually.

    Please be advised that turning the Publisher off will affect all Zones and Placements. They will be disabled too, although their statuses won't be changed. For example, if you set the status of the Publisher to 'Off', all Zones and Placements will be deactivated, even though their display and actual status is 'On':

    Publisher Off
  5. Connection: Linked or Unlinked
  6. This is a Placement and Banner indicator, which shows if they are linked or not.

Need more help?

Should you require any additional help with our solutions, do not hesitate to contact Epom technical support at Our support managers are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing you with solutions and support if you face difficulties or have questions.