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Control your advertising data & activities with a privacy-first, scalable ad server designed for betting and iGaming brands.

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  • Dedicated Slack support
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Facing High Dev Costs & Niche Barriers?
Time to Opt-Out

You don’t have to choose between overspending and oversharing. Escape the hurdle of conventional pathways for sportsbook advertising.

Pitfalls of DIY Ad Tech Development

  • High development expenses
  • Need for an in-house dev team
  • Lack of professional support

Bottlenecks of Betting Ad Networks

  • Niche-specific limitations
  • Privacy concerns over user data
  • No ad placement quality control

Betting Ad Serving 2.0: Care-Driven,
Autonomous & Data-Focused

White-label a hosted ad server and get your private branded solution for minimum investment.


Epom is Care-Driven

Grow your client base instead of drowning in unnecessary costs for non-core software. Entrust the tech side to us and re-focus on expansion.


Epom is Autonomous

Buy traffic directly from publishers instead of paying markups to ad networks. Decide where and how to place your ads on your own.


Epom is Data-Focused

Use your internal data and insights from publishers to deliver data-based ads, ensuring targeted precision in every ad campaign.

56% Higher ROI on Ad Campaigns
Can Be Your Reality


Ad Operations Scale Up


Higher ROI on Ad Campaigns


Rise in Ad Engagement

😔 Before Epom

We were losing grip on our ad serving activities, fully delegating them to affiliates. Traffic quality was poor, and we were drowning in overspending.

😎 With Epom

We gain 56% higher ROI with the same ad budget! It's rare to find a tech provider that understands the needs of sportsbooks and offers full advertising autonomy.

Marcus Bright, CEO at Betting Brand*

Epom is a Time-Tested and Globally Recognized Solution


Years on Market


Satisfied Clients


Renewal Rate


Robust Features

“With ad scheduling, we control costs by strategically displaying ads during peak times or specific promotions. As a result, we save a lot of money by not investing in less productive time slots.”
Andriy C.
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800+ Tweakable Tools Available
Right Out of the Box


Single Ad Serving Hub

Centralize your direct deals in one dashboard. Link banners to prime placements, prioritize partners and manage ad operations easily.


Bespoke Ad Templates

Serve 30+ video, HTML5, native, and more ad formats. Save time on ad development with ready templates or make your own.


Ultimate Targeting

Engage your target audience based on device, context, geo, and language. Enhance precision by leveraging custom targeting parameters.


Performance Optimization

Ensure each ad creative works toward your objectives. Improve your CTR & CR with automated banner weights and cappings.


Custom-Fit Analytics

Craft and schedule tailored reports focused on relevant metrics. Export raw log data and analyze it with machine learning tools.


Precision Event Tracking

Track any interactions with your ad via pixel or S2S tracking. Go beyond clicks and installs and monitor custom events.

“I was on the hunt for a platform that'd help me manage my direct publishers and get premium spots on their websites, avoiding automated placements. I'm happy my ad operations are kept under wraps. Epom is not sharing my data with everyone else like networks do.”
Valeriia D.
Marketing Specialist
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Your Growth Blueprint with
Epom Ad Server

Betting and iGaming brands stay with us for over 5 years on average, often tripling the volume of their ad operations. Make a trusted choice and grow in a proven framework.

Step #1
Test Without Ties

Start with a personal 30-min product demo, where we handpick an ideal ad server plan for you. Then, you’ll have 14 days to try it on.

Step #2
Transition Seamlessly

Complete the setup with our assistance. We help to shift from other ad servers or networks, ensuring a smooth migration and optimal performance.

Step #3
Learn and Expand

Scale your ad operations from a safe space. Empower your staff and solve bottlenecks with a dedicated Slack channel for support.

Step #4
Continuously Evolve

Stay on the cutting edge of ad tech without lifting a finger. Enjoy regular platform updates or request custom development for your needs.

Taste Advertising Freedom Today, Risk-Free

Get full ad serving autonomy with no development expenses. Invest those saved resources back into your sportsbook & iGaming business operations.

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Overthinking if You Need Epom?
Let’s Clear it Up

I’m already with an ad network and am quite satisfied with their services.

That's great to hear! Yet, 54% of the sportsbooks we spoke with are leaning towards more control and autonomy over their ad operations. Ever thought about trying it out?

If not, no worries! Many feel the same as you. Why then not recommend our solution to your ad network to elevate your advertising efforts even further?

With our expertise in iGaming, betting, and other niche markets, we offer unparalleled platform customization, making us a favorite among ad networks looking to surpass market constraints.

P.S.: We will never steal or use your strategy against you, applying it to your competitor. And you can’t be sure your ad network won’t do that since they earn money on the success of you both.

I’ve already developed an ad server. Why would I need yours?

BIG kudos for having your own ad server! But consider the yearly costs and the effort to stay updated in the fast-evolving ad tech world.

With Epom, you get the same, or even more advanced features without the maintenance headache. Why not give our 14-day free trial a spin and compare?

How is Epom tailored for sportsbooks? Which features do you have for us?

You will benefit from our exclusive templates that boost ad engagement, create deeply personalized ads based on your sportsbook data, and receive unparalleled tech support. Your data also remains yours; we just amplify its potential.

P.S.: We don't set boundaries on creatives or where you place your ads. Think of us as the fans cheering in the background, equally excited whether it's about your ads or close-up pizza shots.

Is migrating to Epom a complex process? What about my existing data and campaigns?

Migration between ad servers can be a bit intricate, true. But with Epom, you're in the right hands.

Our technical experts have navigated over 100 transitions like yours. They not only simplify the move but also ensure that your campaigns and data are structured and integrated seamlessly.

How secure is our user data with Epom, especially considering regulations in the betting industry?

If added security is what you seek, encoding is an option, allowing us visibility only to encoded targeting variables and standard analytics. Compliance and safety are top-tier.

What's more, 400+ brands trust us with their data, and around 30% of them belong to sensitive niches. In our 13-year span, we have zero data breaches and controversies on our record.

What kind of support can I expect post-purchase, especially during peak sports events?

Benefit from a dedicated Slack channel for real-time assistance, responsive email support, and a personal account manager.

As for high-stakes sports events, we allocate you more servers in advance and temporarily shift our priorities toward your operational needs.

I need to buy traffic right now. Is it possible with an ad server?

No, not unless you already have direct publisher partnerships. However, Epom white-label DSP might be just what you're looking for. It provides instant access to 30+ SSPs with iGaming traffic.

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