Ad Server Comparison

Compare Epom with other ad serving platforms available on the market and make the right choice for satisfying your business objectives. We pride ourselves on our ability to help anyone reach their business goals and meet the rising demands of the online advertising industry. Epom Ad Server offers powerful and feature-rich ad management and optimization platform for mobile, display, video, and in-app ad campaigns. Our ad serving platform leaves our clients with much room for growth and is capable of developing alongside their business

Feature SmartAd adkernel Google ADS Epom Ad Server
Client Range publishers & demand partners publishers & demand partners publishers & demand partners publishers (small, mid-sized, large), advertisers, ad networks/agencies
Mobile Ad Server
Video Ad Server
In-app Ad Serving
Special Solution for Ad Networks (full range of network-specific features)
Full Roles Management 10 sub-accounts with different access levels and specific features (user, supervisor, publisher and advertiser accounts), possibility to create custom sub-account
Publishers & Advertisers Account
Ad Exchange
Display Targeting OS, browser, browser language, geo (countries and groups of countries), publisher accounts, domains, verticals, time-based no public info targeting is available for the following categories of criteria:
Inventory, Key-values, Geography, Devices, Connection, Mobile application, Video (content, position)
geotargeting, OS, domain, browser (type+version), language of the browser, IP range, time range, cookie value (retargeting), frequency, custom parameter and more
Mobile Targeting mobile OS, browser, including browser language, device type & model no public info Inventory, Key-values, Geography, Devices, Connection, Mobile application, Video (content, position) geotargeting, mobile OS, mobile browser (incl. language), mobile carrier, device vendor, type & format, Wi-Fi, custom
Ad Sizes standard + custom standard + custom standard + custom standard + custom
Ad Formats web, mobile, video (in-stream & outstream), in-app, native, rich media image, video, native, rich media, custom image, native, custom, image animation, mobile video interstitial, video banner, in-stream & outstream video, native, mobile, in-app & rich media, including mobile-specific
Rich Media Templates information upon request 100+ predefined templates + Free template builder
Ad Inventory Iframe, JS tags, HTML JS, direct URL, Iframe, tags, XML JS, HTML, 3rd party iFrame Async, iFrame Sync, JS Async, JS Sync (display), placement management, ad serving (mobile) API, analysis of most-converted ad spots
Ad Campaigns Type no public info CPC, CPV, CPM CPM, CPC, CPA CPA, CPC, CPM Mixed
Ad Campaign Optimization automatic floor optimization on RTB optimization of CPC, CPM in real time CTR and eCPM optimization CPA, CTR, eCPM optimization, eCPM weighting (auto/manual) See the full list of features
Campaign Performance Tracking proprietary solution — Holistic Yield Management info upon request Google Analytics proprietary solution with advanced performance tracking of 100+ metrics for publishers and advertisers with no discrepancy
Reports & Analytics canned or custom reporting, API Automated reporting of key metrics from all campaign sources, including the ability to add key data manually Data transfer reporting by Data Studio real-time analytics & reporting, auto sending options, export campaigns (csv, xls,pdf,html, json), intelligent data analysis
Dashboard graphic, customizable
Pricing volume-based (upon request) CPM, Revshare / ROAS info upon request free for publishers who serve less than 180 million monthly impressions Pricing Details
Sign-Up Fee
Trial Period Available (No Credit Card required) Demo Account Free 14 days trial period for up to 30M impressions
Support e-mail, chat, phone, 24/7 e-mail, 24/7 online help center, email, support (weekdays 10AM -5PM) 24/7 support + email
Fraud Protection Fraud protection Fraud protection Fraud protection Fraud protection
Additional Services SSP XML API for publishers' metrics integration with the rest of Google products Built-in SSP
Feature SmartAd adkernel Google ADS Epom Ad Server