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The Ultimate Ad Server Comparison

Take 15 minutes to compare Epom ad server to its alternatives in 2024 and make the right decision for your business. The following ad server comparison will help you choose the ultimate platform for managing and serving digital ads.

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Concise Comparison Chart of Top-5 Epom Competitors

Here is a sneak peek into the insides of Epom vs. platforms to which our clients compare us the most. Check out the fast comparison of ad server prices and their major features below.

Epom AdButler AdGlare Smart Ad Server Adserver. Online Uprival
Ad Serving Channels Desktop, mobile, in-app, CTV Desktop, mobile, in-app, CTV Desktop, mobile, in-app, email Desktop, mobile, in-app Desktop, mobile, in-app Desktop, mobile, in-app
Pricing Models CPA, CPC, CPM CPA, CPC, CPM Not specified Not specified CPM CPC, CPA, CPM, flat
Auto Optimization CPA, CTR, eCPM optimization, eCPM weighting (auto/manual) Not specified CTR Not specified Not specified Yes, but not specified
Analytics Day to day analytics. 40+metrics, 10+ filters, scheduling, intelligent data analysis, 3rd-party analytics Real-time analytics Real-time analytics, 10+ metrics, breakdowns per dimension, custom formulas, viewability measuring Real-time analytics Real-time analytics Real-time analytics
Roles Management Sub-accounts with different access levels for publishers & advertisers Publishers & advertisers Publishers & advertisers Publishers Sub-accounts with different access levels for publishers & advertisers Yes, some roles, details not specified
Targeting +
Custom Targeting
RTB Module for Publishers
RTB Module for Advertisers
Rich Media Templates
Fraud Protection
Custom Development
Tech Support
Free Trial Period 14 Days 14 Days 15 Days Not specified 14 Days 14 Days
Cost per Month $212+ $149 $249 Not specified $20 $399+

If you are a representative of one of the companies and feel like information about your product was misrepresented, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Superpowers of the Selected Platforms

We analyzed the top-30 ad servers on the market and picked only the strongest! See which ad server is the best one for publishers, brands, or ad networks among them.

  • customization and on-demand dev
  • SSP module and advanced analytics
  • rich media templates included in all plans
Perfect for…

Any business that needs advanced roles management, customization and help with with complicated cases.

  • break down pricing by features
  • header bidding, SSP module
  • premium tech support for
Perfect for…

Ad networks and agencies that are looking for a basic all-in-one solution with friendly UI.

  • free white-labeling
  • real-time analytics accessible
Perfect for…

Any ad-related businesses that seek WL platform with fast performance and handy analytics.

  • analytics and rich media templates
  • own traffic demand
  • integrations with DMPs
Perfect for…

Publishers that need a basic ad server with available demand sources for oRTB selling.

  • affordable even for small businesses
  • multicurrency support
Perfect for…

Small businesses that look for a CIS-friendly ad server with multicurrency support and RTB module.

  • multi-ad native templates and custom template dev
  • real-time analytics with extensive filters
Perfect for…

Publishers, advertisers and networks that need an ad server with a focus on rich media templates.

The Detailed Ad Server Comparison of 12 Ad Servers [PDF]

Within, you'll find a meticulous, 30+ page-long breakdown of the top-12 ad serving software on the market.

Highlighted features include:
  • roles management specification
  • analytics
    and reporting
  • ad formats, channels, and placement types detailing
  • targeting and real-time bidding
  • performance tracking and optimization overview
  • white-labeling and customization

Download our deluxe ad server comparison PDF for free. Gain 360-degree market insight, and confidently choose your ideal ad server today!


What is an ad server comparison?

An ad server comparison is a comprehensive guide that helps you evaluate different ad serving platforms among all the variety on the market.

It typically includes:

  • Features comparison, offered by different ad servers, such as ad formats supported, targeting options, reporting capabilities, and integrations.
  • Pricing comparison highlighting pricing models (e.g., subscription fees, cost-per-impression) of different platforms.
  • Reviews or user insights: These can provide valuable perspectives on ease of use, customer support quality, and overall user experience.
How to choose the best ad server?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but here's a short and simple algorithm to help you choose:

  • Identify your advertising needs: Consider your website traffic, ad inventory size, budget, technical expertise, and required features.
  • Research ad server options: Use ad server comparisons, reviews, and websites to understand available options.
  • Shortlist and compare: Based on your needs, shortlist a few ad servers and compare them in detail (use Epom ad server comparison!).
  • Free trials and demos: Take advantage of free trials or demos offered by some platforms to get hands-on experience.
How to use your ad server comparison?

Download Epom free PDF guide with the best ad servers and look thoroughly at:

  • Comparison tables: they list key features (ad formats, targeting options, reporting, etc.) across different ad servers.
  • Detailed descriptions: we prepared a short description for each platform highlighting its strong and weak suits.
  • Selection criteria: we also listed all the factors to consider for you to make your final choice.

By reviewing the content of our ad server comparison, you can find the ad server that matches your requirements the best.

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