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Individual Approach to Every Client

Epom Ad Server offers 24/7 support, custom development upon request, and helps all new clients with integration of their current business into our platform. We pride ourselves on our ability to help anyone reach their business goals and meet the rising demands of the online advertising industry.

Stable and Scalable Technology

The Epom Ad Server ad management solution was built to cater to the growing needs of our clients. Our ad serving platform leaves our clients with much room for growth and is capable of developing alongside their business.

Compare Epom Ad Server to other solutions

Feature OpenX Enterprise Zedo Adk2 AdButler Epom
Client Range enterprise solution only (after OnRamp shut-down) major focus on publishers, but works with advertisers and networks ad networks and agencies advertisers, publishers, networks publishers (small, mid-sized, large), advertisers, ad networks/agencies
Mobile Ad Server No No
Video Ad Server No
In-app Ad Serving No yes, free SDK for iOS and Android
Special Solution for Networks yes (basic features) No yes (full range of network-specific features)
Full Roles Management No No No 4 sub-accounts with different access levels and specific features (user, supervisor, publisher and advertiser accounts)
White-labeling No
Publishers & Advertisers Account
Ad Exchange yes, OpenX Market No No yes, Epom Market
Display Targeting geotargeting, technographic time-based, content, custom geotargeting, bandwidth, keyword, day & time OS, browser, browser language, geo (countries and groups of countries), publisher accounts, domains, verticals, time-based keyword, geotargeting geotargeting, OS, browser, language of the browser, IP range, time range, cookie value (retargeting), frequency, keyword, custom
Mobile Targeting mobile device, carrier, OS, audience classification (3rd party), custom, retargeting mobile targeting mobile OS, browser, geo, frequency capping - for Android only mobile OS, browser, including browser language, device type & model No geotargeting, mobile OS, mobile browser (incl. language), mobile carrier, device vendor, type & format, Wi-Fi, custom
Ad Sizes standard + custom standard + custom standard + custom standard + custom standard + custom
Creatives image, HTML, XML, HTML5, flash, 3rd-party, video (linear & non-linear), rich media, etc., third party tags standard, HTML, text, JavaScript, flash, rich media image, video, flash, HTML, 3rd party, rich media, custom image, text, pop-up, HTML, flash, Java applets, 3rd party ads, rich media flash, image, video (non-linear & linear), text ads, HTML, 3rd-party, HTML5, rich media, including mobile-specific
Rich Media Templates information upon request information upon request information upon request No predefined templates + Free template builder
Ad Inventory display & mobile tags, management options (a standard range) tags for display, mobile, standard management options +AdMagic (requires installation in Firefox) JS, direct URL, Iframe, tags no public info iFrame Async, iFrame Sync, Async, JS Sync (display), mobile & app tags (via iOS & Android SDKs); placement management, ad serving (mobile) API, analysis of most-converted ad spots
Ad Campaigns CPM, CPA, CPC campaigns, information about features – upon request info upon request CPM, CPV, CPC, CPA, direct, 3rd party campaign options for network integration (partners), frequency capping, pre-testing options no public info CPA, CPC, CPM Mixed, optimization options, fast campaign set-up, frequency capping, broad targeting, precise forecasting, mass campaign, bulk campaign creation & management, graphical dashboard, intelligible data analysis, real-time reports, analytics
Ad Campaign Optimization CPD, CPM, CPA, conversion tracking, Fixed Cost eCPM, CTR optimization (automatic), impressions/clicks eCPM optimization tracking of user profile on CPA, CPC, PPV; pCPM weighting static weighting, daily, frequency capping CPA, CTR, eCPM optimization, eCPM weighting (auto/manual)
Campaign Performance Tracking Website Overlay feature, content/traffic driver (Beta) standard operating performance, View-Through tracking control of revenue share, dashboard for advertisers views/clicks, time/date expiration options, views/clicks tracking graphical customizable dashboards for publishers, advertisers, supervisor accounts and dashboards for networks
Reports & Analytics real-time reporting, dashboard, available API canned or custom reporting, API near real-time report, details on publisher/advertiser/network, predefined/ custom reports (time-based) Daily (for Premium only), weekly, download report options real-time, auto/manually sending, export options (csv, xls,pdf or html)
Dashboard yes, graphical graphical, customizable
SLA & Reliability 99,75% uptime 99,75% uptime 99% uptime 99% uptime 99,75% uptime
Pricing info upon request volume-based (upon request) + set-up fees info upon request public, volume-based Pricing Details
Sign-Up Fee info upon request No No No
Trial Period No No info upon request No yes, free 14 days trial period for up to 30 millions impressions
Support Phone, online, 24/7 e-mail, chat, phone, 24/7 e-mail, 24/7 phone, Mn-Fr, 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST 24/7 (phone, live chat, Skype, e-mail)

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