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Epom White-Label
DSP to Earn More
from Programmatic

Take programmatic DSP advertising to a new level. Set up your own demand side platform in weeks instead of years of development.

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Programmatic Advertising
Technology for Any Business

Epom white-label DSP ensures simple, data-driven, and cost-effective media buying
with your own demand-side platform regardless of your business model.

Robust DSP Platform Features to Start
Your Programmatic Business

Let’s embark on an Epom white-label demand-side platform product tour.
Explore tools to scale your revenue without sacrificing years and millions.

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Single Media Buying Hub

Advertise with your own DSP platform. Buy traffic from a single account, target unique users, and pay a fair price for every impression.

  • Check advanced real-time analytics
  • Apply numerous targeting & retargeting options

Interface Branding

Re-brand a ready DSP. Give a life to the platform by tailoring colors, logo, and domain to your brand identity.

  • Mix various white-labeling conditions
  • Enjoy flexible customization

Personal Client Accounts

Offer a dedicated dashboard experience for each client. Let them monitor, analyze, or even launch campaigns autonomously.

  • Let clients measure success in real-time
  • Check out elaborated user management

Custom SSP Connections

Cut your CPMs by buying traffic directly from the chosen sources. Integrate custom supply-side platforms and attract a unique, hyper-relevant audience.

  • Access to premium inventory
  • Instant access to traffic

Traffic Matters the Most.
We Give It to You

Purchase traffic from 30+ trusted SSP platforms integrated into our
ad exchange, and get the most out of your DSP advertising.

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Andrew Liulko
Head of Sales
“You won’t be alone at the start of your in-house RTB journey! My team and I will guide you from an in-depth demo to ensuring your traffic performs well.” Schedule a call

RTB-Friendly Ad Formats for
Uncompromised Diversity

Launch desktop, mobile, in-app, and CTV campaigns in different ad formats
to maximize yield from each placement with Epom white-label DSP.

Now we extensively buy traffic from mobile and pop-focused SSPs like Mobfox, Adcolony, Pubnative, Hiltopads, Trafficstars, and more. Optimizing with Epom’s bidding rules and our anti-fraud tool, we increased ad conversions by 46%.

Bruno Rodrigues

CEO at PerforMarkt

Intelligent Tools to Streamline DSP Marketing
and Elevate Programmatic Performance

Apply white-label DSP’s powerful optimization algorithms to adjust
your ad campaigns and make each dollar work for you.

Bid Modifiers

Boost high-converting campaigns, adjusting bids for specific traffic sources.

Frequency Capping

Define how often the users will see your ads during the day.

Conversions Tracking

Attribute conversions to the ads that brought users to your website or app clearly.


Create filters to omit the undesirable traffic.

Analytics & Attribution

Monitor multiple events and receive granular reports.

CPM & CPC Bidding

Buy unique impressions instead of installs and actions that can be faked.

Transparency & Traffic Safety

Benefit from the GeoEdge for traffic security and Impact for malware prevention.

Targeting & Retargeting

Deliver ads to relevant users and re-engage them through smart retargeting.

Success Story: Travel Niche Agency Saves
35% of Their Budget with Epom

“We needed robust geofencing tools to target audience locally and promote our clients, luxury hotels like Rixos Group. Epom white-label DSP was one of the most effective DSP platforms, led us to achieve higher CTRs and opened a window for unexpected revenue boosts with the self-serve RTB we offered to clients.”

Karthik Priyadarshan

Director of Managed Digital


Saved monthly thanks to buying from SSPs directly


Lower ad discrepancy thanks to advanced analytics


Higher CTR thanks to better targeting and optimization

Scale Your Business with a DSP Under Your Brand

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Become a Top Performer in DSP
Advertising with Epom

Check what our clients say about the Epom demand-side platform on G2.

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Epom DSP is effective in driving high conversion rates

We started to use Epom DSP because it supports real-time bidding and offers more flexible pricing for product subscriptions. With Epom DSP, we can participate in auctions and bid ...

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Programmatic solution for efficient ad buying

One of the best things about Epom WL DSP is its real-time bidding and budget flexibility. We can easily adjust budgets based on campaign performance and priorities through real-time bidding ...

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g2 logo stars

Bidding rules is my top feature of Epom DSP

Using Epom DSP's bidding rules, I save up to 45% of my advertising budget because of automatic optimization. I enjoy the feature that Epom DSP's bidding rules can be automated ...

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A ready-to-go DSP without a billion investment for developing it from scratch

A key benefit is white-labeling. You re-brand the platform and present it to your team and partners as your own. To have an in-house solution with ...

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White-Label Your DSP Platform Today

Choose white-label DSP over self-serve DSP. Get the best of the full
platform ownership and cut monthly expenses.

White-Label DSP

  • Flexible platform customization (logo, colors, etc.)
  • Possibility to give accounts to advertisers
  • Cutting up to 10-30% of monthly expenses
  • Possibility to add custom traffic sources and use predefined ones

Self-Serve DSP

  • No customization at all
  • Only client account
  • Hidden fees from ad tech provider up to 30%
  • Only predefined traffic sources

Replace Money-Draining
Self-Serve Accounts with
Your Own DSP

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Free Ebooks About DSP
Platforms and Stuff

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What is a demand-side platform?

A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is software that automates the process of buying and optimizing digital ad inventory. This technology is based on the real-time bidding auction (RTB), which happens in milliseconds. Advertisers use DSPs to manage, analyze, and optimize their online advertising campaigns across multiple channels.

What is a DSP in advertising?

In advertising, a DSP is a technology platform that enables advertisers to purchase and manage digital advertising inventory programmatically. It streamlines the media buying process, providing access to qualitative traffic and a wide range of ad impressions across several channels.

What is a white-label DSP?

A white-label DSP is a customizable, rebrandable demand-side platform offered by a third-party provider. Advertisers can use it with their branding, incorporating tailored features while leveraging the technology and infrastructure without the need to build their own DSP from scratch.

How does the demand-side platform work?

DSPs automate media buying, targeting specific audiences across multiple channels. They use real-time bidding protocol and algorithms to optimize ad placements for maximum efficiency. Also, after connecting SSP, the advertiser buys and consolidates traffic in one place.

How does DSP measure attribution?

DSPs measure attribution by tracking user interactions across various advertising channels. DSP platforms analyze touchpoints, assign credit to each, and evaluate the impact of various marketing efforts on conversions.

What is a demand-side platform example?

As you already know, demand-side platform (DSP) technology helps advertisers and agencies buy advertising inventory in real time. Epom, a white-label DSP that works on RTB protocol, is one example. Another example is MediaMath or Trade Desk. These platforms provide technology for precise targeting, auto-optimization, ad spend control, bidding rules, etc.

What is the difference between DSP and ad server?

The main difference between a demand-side platform and an ad server includes their functionality and roles in the advertising ecosystem. Advertisers usually use DSPs where the latter buy ad inventory in real-time, manage ad campaigns, set up targeting, and check detailed reporting on the performed activities. In turn, ad servers are used by publishers for storing, managing, and delivering digital ads to websites or apps. While DSPs focus on buying ad space, ad servers focus on serving ads to users based on targeting parameters, frequency capping, and ad scheduling.

What are the types of DSPs?

There are several types of demand-side platforms on the market, which are categorized due to their functions:

  • Full service DSPs – they offer comprehensive services including campaign strategy, performing, and optimization. Such types of DSPs are suitable for advertisers looking for end-to-end support.
  • Vertical DSPs – such platforms focus on serving specific industries or verticals, for example, health, real estate, beauty, etc. These DSPs offer tailored solutions to meet the requirements of the chosen verticals.
  • Self-serve DSPs – they allow advertisers to manage their campaigns independently and offer the tools to set up, optimize, and track campaigns without extensive assistance.
  • Mobile DSPs – such DSPs focus specifically on buying mobile ad inventory and targeting users across smartphones and tablets.
  • Video DSPs – these ones focus on buying video ad inventory across various formats such as in-stream, out-stream, and in-app video ads.

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