Supported ad formats

Desktop Advertising

Choose from a wide range of display ad formats to make your advertising noticeable and engaging, yet relevant and unintrusive.

  • Standard

    Standard ad units like png, gif, and flash animation.

  • Interstitial

    A full-page ad that appears before the actual webpage.

  • Video Interstitial

    An interstitial with a video segment.

  • Floating Ad

    Appears to ''float'' over the page content on a transparent background layer.

  • Wallpaper/Skin Ads

    Transparent picture serving as a background for the website.

  • Corner-peel

    Ads that peel away from the web page corner.

  • Bottom-up

    Image or flash animation that is placed on the bottom of the web page and expands upon clicking.

  • Pop-up and Pop-under

    Ad formats that open a new window above or behind the main browser window.

  • Push-down — IAB Rising Stars

    Displays a banner that unfolds down the site.

  • Sidekick — IAB Rising Stars

    Pushes page content horizontally to the left.

  • Upper Bar

    Image or flash animation that is placed on the top of the web page, above the website header.

  • Video Ads

    Regular video banners displayed inside the web page.

Video Advertising

Benefit with the opportunity to display engaging video advertisements across display and mobile channels.

  • Pre-roll

    Advertising video plays before the main video stream.

  • Mid-roll

    Advertising video appears in the middle of main video stream.

  • Post-roll

    Advertising video appears after the main video stream.

  • Companion Ads

    Related graphical banners shown around the video player.

  • Overlay

    Image or flash banners displayed as banners in the lower third of the video player.

Mobile Advertising

Expand your reach to mobile platforms with a wide range of standard and Rich Media ad formats.

  • Standard

    Standard png or gif ad units.

  • Interstitial

    Full page ads that appear before the actual mobile webpage.

  • Catfish

    Ads that appear to “float” over the mobile web page content on a transparent background layer.

  • Corner-peel

    Ad format that peels away from the mobile web page corner.

  • Travelling

    Ad formats that travel across the mobile screen.

  • Video Interstitial

    Regular interstitials with video content.

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