Supported ad formats

Make sure which ad formats are included into your ad serving pricing plan and watch them live.
To experience the view and feel of ad units on your own inventory please install Epom Ad Assistant extension for Chrome browser.

  • Simple Banner is a basic static block of any size inside of page content.

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    Simple banner

  • When displayed on a web page, ads of this format push the main content down.

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    Push-down — IAB Rising Stars

  • Ads of this type appear in a new inactive browser tab. Both desktop and mobile platforms support pop-under ads.

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  • Ads are displayed on the top of the web page content. Pop-up is a non-resizable local desktop ad format.

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    Corner pop-up

  • Ads belonging to this format open in a new background browser window hidden under the active window.

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  • Ads of this type open in a new browser window, on top of the web page that is being viewed by the user.

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    Pop-up window

  • This format encompasses highly customizable in-content banner ads with advanced features, such as video playback.

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    Rich media banner

  • This desktop ad format is optimized for placements inside of the footer area of web pages.

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  • Ads of this type dynamically adjust to the width of a web page by displaying different creatives for different sizes of the screen.

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    Responsive Banner

  • Autorefresh custom code is a format which reloads third party ad tag on the page once per specified period of time.

    Autorefresh custom code

  • Skin template is an effective ad format that displays as the background of the page. It is clickable and trackable.

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    Wallpaper/Skin Ads

  • In–image ads appear over editorial images when the user hovers or clicks on them.

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  • Advanced Interstitial ads are highly customizable interactive desktop and mobile ad units that support custom code and external files.

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    Advanced Interstitial

  • Ads are attached to particular keywords within text content. Ads of this type are displayed when a user hovers the mouse cursor over a keyword.

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  • Synch safe unit allows loading of JS synchronous code from asynchronous code.

    Synch safe

  • Video Waterfall is a group of highly customizable desktop or mobile ads that support vast, vpaid 1, and vpaid 2 tags, as well as embedded video.

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    Video waterfall

  • Standard png or gif ad units.


  • Ads take the form of smartphone or tablet notifications. They appear in between the user's activities to maximize ad exposure.

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    Interstitial notifications

  • Interstitial ad is a full screen ad format that covers page content. It's allowed to set custom size of the interstitial.

    Interstitial Ad

  • Ads with a 320x50 px size developed specifically for in-app campaigns. Format includes sliding content, icons, and install buttons to encourage interaction.

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    In-app banner

  • Promo Interstitials are full-screen mobile ad units that load asynchronously, after the main content has been loaded.

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    Promo interstitial

  • Native ads achieve high–quality UX due to their non–disruptive nature.

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  • This format includes mobile ads that appear as horizontal areas at the bottom of the screen to increase user engagement.

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  • Ad unit for mobile devices is designed for third party ad tags and custom codes. Any code inserted into this ad unit can be shown as interstitial.

    Int custom

  • Mobile ads that take the form of the native components of the mobile OS (such as standard browser alerts).

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    Native interstitial

  • Mobile ads of this type have a complex structure and customizable layouts. These ads can display a preload version of images that go full-screen.

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    Advanced promo interstitial

  • CTA Promo Interstitial includes an image (with a preload version) and two different call-to-action buttons that lead to the landing page.

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    CTA Promo Interstitial

  • Mobile ads of this format contain interactive sliders or image carousels with multiple creatives.

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    Interstitial image swipe

  • Advertising video plays before the main video stream.


  • Advertising video appears in the middle of main video stream.


  • Advertising video appears after the main video stream.


  • Image or flash banners displayed as banners in the lower third of the video player.


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