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Ad Server features

Epom Ad Server features help you track, customize and understand your ad campaigns to make better decisions in online advertising
native ad serving on Mac cross channel ad serving platform
cross channel ad serving

Cross-channel ad serving

Access premium ad inventory & reach your target audience with advanced targeting options across devices. Deliver your ad creatives to the relevant users on mobile, desktop, video, in-app, and more, and forget about wasted ad spends & discrepancy

white-label customisation

Advanced performance tracking

Epom Ad Server allows all users to monitor the performance of their advertising operations in real time, enabling them to make adjustments promptly. Benefit from the precise targeting, dive into your data in the most efficient way and get tailored real-time reports

Ad server network manager
ad server analytics dashboard
Epom analytics icon


Get deep insights into your campaign performance & analyze everything from the global audience outreach to every ad's conversion rate. Epom Ad Server provides an automatic CTR, conversion, and eCPM optimization, allowing you to simplify your ad operations and automate split testing directly within the account

video ad format icon

Best-performing ad formats

Attract users with multiple responsive ads & get more monetization options with fewer efforts. Create unique user experience with the vast variety of engaging display, mobile, in-app & video ads

cross-channel ad server high-performing video advertising top-performing mobile ads banner advertising
conversion rate optimization automated optimization interface
performance automated optimization

Automated optimization

Get the complete real-time overview of your performance with just a few clicks and find insights that will help your business grow. Epom Ad Server algorithms help you optimize CTR, I2C & eCPM with to meet your desired KPIs

full DSP customization icon

Full customization

Display important metrics in custom dashboards & modify default reports to your goals. Pick your most important metrics, turn them into a comprehensive visual report and give view/editing permissions to clients. Use White Labeling to fully customize ad server account to the look & feel of your brand

Epom dasboard alternative visualization Epom as rebrandable platform
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