Mobile Ad Serving

Mobile and Cross-Channel Ad Serving

All display advertising functionality (including but not limited to precise targeting options, performance based optimization, extensive choice of advertising formats, etc.) is available for mobile advertising campaigns. Epom Ad Server provides clients with an exceptionally convenient and simple way to launch and manage mobile web, in-app, and cross-platform advertising campaigns within one user interface.

Multi-Channel Ad Delivery

Manage display, mobile, and in-app advertising within a single solution. Create large advertising campaigns with mass upload functionality and the ability to utilize elaborate targeting options for both display and mobile advertising at the same time. Ensure optimal advertising results by enabling automatic performance-based optimization, which will increase the efficiency of inventory monetization and the effectiveness of budget allocation.

Engaging Ad Formats

Make your mobile advertising more effective and engaging by expanding the choice of ad formats available to you. Work with standard banners of all sizes, and many non-standard Rich Media formats including floating banners, interstitials, corner peels, catfish ads, traveling ads, expandable header and footer banners, interstitial video ads, and many more.

In-App Ad Serving

Launch and manage effective in-app advertising campaigns on iOS and Android devices with the help of SDKs and over 20 mobile specific DSP partners available via Epom Ad Server's Real-Time Bidding platform. Expand your yield and easily reach audiences across the world with engaging in app ads.

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