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Epom Ad Server in Numbers

Advanced Features

Empower your ad network with 800+ robust features. Among them:

  • Precise targeting
    Target users by location, time range, language, IP, carrier, and custom parameters based on 1st-party data.
  • DSP integration
    Sell your publisher's inventory via RTB protocol by connecting a demand-side platform of your choice.
  • Multiple pricing models
    Trade ads via CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing models. Set up any kind of action while choosing a CPA.
  • Roles & permissions
    Give out accounts to your clients only with the features they need. Restrict or open access to specific sections.
  • Capping & optimization
    Regulate frequency, click & action capping. Use auto-optimization to increase CTR or conversion rates.
  • Rules for mass linking
    Set up your own rules to connect dozens of ad creatives to the appropriate placements in a few clicks.
  • Extended data collection
    Gather information like IP, x-forwarded-for, user-agent string, and connection type using Epom logs.
  • Rich media & outstream templates
    Save time on coding — request customizable ad templates for your outstream video and rich media ads.

Advanced Control

Check out Epom ad server in action — test the platform yourself and see how your ad serving revenue is growing already in the first week!


Our Partners Say

300+ awesome brands already trust us. Become our partner today and unleash your mighty ad serving potential.

Sam Licavoli II
Sam Licavoli II BBB's Director of Products and Strategy Ad Network
It has been fantastic working with Epom Ad Server. The platform is extremely powerful and has been able to accommodate the non-traditional approach to digital promotions that our systems require. Their management platform is one of the easiest ones that I have ever used.
Jose M. Chacon
Jose M. Chacon CEO of TORO Advertising Ad Network
With Epom Ad Server we have greater control of our traffic and higher eCPM rates. We are able to create new campaigns in a matter of minutes and their support team is always collaborative and helpful. Epom Ad Server is an indispensable partner for our business.
Ofir Peretz
Ofir Peretz PrimeRoll's Head of Business Development Ad Agency
Epom's team has provided us with excellent customer service, responded quickly to both urgent and general queries, and did their best in assisting with any issue that came up. We will definitely keep using Epom's technology for our AdServing needs in the future.
Yun Lin Yong
Yun Lin Yong Mfun's Senior Marketing Expert Advertiser
Through research and comparison, we chose to integrate Epom's ad serving platform due to its full-fledged capabilities to fulfill our requirements. Epom supports multiple ad formats, real-time analytics & reporting, enables KPIs automation, and the best of all is their affordable price!


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