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Empowering your
digital advertising Since 2010

Epom is a family of ad tech products designed for meaningful advertising. Our brand is a smart adopter of innovations that work for better cost-efficiency and not against it. We believe that money can be earned transparently, honestly, and by bringing value to the world.

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Years of Expertise
Our mission

To empower digital advertising. Every product we make is meant to help brands, agencies, and networks to find their own path and level up their advertising.

Who we are
Our vision

To fight stereotypes about ad tech and make innovation accessible. We are here to make ad campaign management transparent, cost-effective and hassle-free.


Our values


We respond to your requests & upgrade our products according to clients’ needs, maximizing value for you. We always put the client first.


We develop a perpetual motion machine for your ads with innovation in mind. Our tech is fresh & reliable now, and so it will be in 20 years.


We value ideas over authorities. Every person here influences Epom's further evolution. Our strongest asset is people.


We choose the effectiveness of your business over everything else. We experiment, adapt, and invent if our clients require this.


Any good relationship is based on honesty. With clients, the team, and with ourselves. Thus, our clients work with us for 5-6 years.


We openly speak of our pros & cons, unvarnished. Our demos are freely available on Youtube along with insider tips on our website.

Ad Tech Industry
Players We Help

We bring pure technology value to our clients, regardless of the type and size of their business.
Use our products as a bundle for complex operations.
Unite their in-house media buying activities in one interface.
Ad Agencies
Manage clients and campaigns on a ready-made platform.
Ad Networks
Take full control over their advertising and bring it in-house.
Monetize inventory through smart demand management.

Brief History of Epom

Epom was founded by Sergey Chudnovsky, Alex Lunkov and Anton Ruin in 2011, in just a decade, we launched two robust platforms, created a powerful ad exchange, and organized the most prominent ad tech event ever held in Ukraine.
Epom is born and launches
Epom ad server
Epom launches its Epom
Market ad network
Epom becomes a member of IAB
and partners with Google AdX
Epom receives $7 million in a private investment pool
Epom launches Epom Apps and becomes a certified Yahoo vendor
Epom holds its first global conference Ad Summit Kyiv with speakers from Google, Facebook, and YouTube
Epom launches its white-label DSP product
MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognizes Epom with the AdTech Innovation Award
Epom releases major updates of its DSP product and becomes a TCF 2.0 Registered Vendor
Epom is recognized as a TOP-30 Ukrainian startup by Forbes
Epom Executive Team Our people
Meet people in the vanguard of ad tech industry evolution.
Our strongest assets, in person:
Anton Ruin
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Anton is an accomplished tech entrepreneur who built our powerful ad server from scratch and successfully led the team through the dark woods.
Behind the scenes:
Anton’s other superpower is cooking, so he is the one who prepares the best meat at the corporate parties. In combination — enthusiastic cross-fitter (to eat with no remorse).
Andrew Liulko
Chief Sales Officer
Andrew is a dependable sales leader, who contributed to Epom ad exchange formation and secured most of the company’s certifications and notable partnerships like IAB and Google.
Behind the scenes:
Andrew is a board game geek and tennis table champion. He prefers strategical intellectual battles and deep historical research over everything else.
Sergey Shchelkov
Sales Executive
Sergey is the charismatic king of closed deals at Epom, who raised our business since its birth and toward prosperity. Thanks to him, Epom partners with Wargaming, Class Tag, and Ironsource.
Behind the scenes:
Sergey is a comic reader and video gaming enthusiast, who constantly digs up 1000 and 1 fascinating stories on Reddit. In his free time, he loves being a father.
Lina Lugova
Chief Marketing Officer
Lina is an advanced professional who brings revolutionary marketing approaches to the B2B segment. She and her team are the ones who defined Epom as a brand.
Behind the scenes:
Lina is an avid explorer, who has already visited 40+ countries across the globe, hunting for life-changing experiences. She is keen on sports, a healthy lifestyle, and open-minded talks.
Vitalii Stukalsky
DSP Product Manager
Vitalii is the passionate captain of our programmatic high-tech ship, a white-label DSP. Being a Head of Support in the past, he is a true follower of the client-oriented approach.
Behind the scenes:
After looking at Vitalii, you can’t decide whether he is a vampire, a medieval knight, or a post-apocalyptic ranger. Being irresistibly friendly, he is the most mysterious hero of Epom.
Inga Sydorenko
Head of Media Buying
Inga is a top performer and a living example of the expression ”to bring changes to the world, become the changes yourself”. She leads our ad network with grace and persistence.
Behind the scenes:
Inga’s personality is a fascinating mix of a TRX activist, post-ironic brainiac, and a little bit of bookworm. She is an owner of an exclusive Telegram channel with delicious memes.
Kateryna Novatska
Head of Content
Kateryna sets a high standard for content, making it the third most popular product ever made by Epom. She makes sure that every piece of it is delicious & nutritious at the same time.
Behind the scenes:
Chaotic neutral by nature, Kate adores variety and doing whatever is on her mind. She decides where to travel with an RNG and explores obscure music, Chinese tea & rapid transit systems.
Yegor Vishnevskiy
Support Tech Lead
Yegor welcomes the clients on board and guides them during the whole journey afterward. His team assists 300+ clients daily at supersonic speed. Are they humans, we wonder?
Behind the scenes:
Being not on guard of our space ship, Yegor leaves ad tech dimension for the realm of British & Belgian ales and cinema. Preferably, with a cat as a companion.
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