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Epom history

Founded by Sergey Chudnovsky, Alex Lunkov and Anton Ruin in 2011, Epom stands for cost-effective, and meaningful online advertising.

Epom Ad Server is a SaaS solution to serve, track and customize ads across all verticals. It supports desktop, mobile, in-app, and video online advertising.

As of now we're serving around 50 billion impressions per month and growing at a steady pace.

Epom Ad Server offers two distinctive products for publishers, ad networks & ad agencies:

Our values

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Customer first

We hear every customer & develop our solutions according to user needs, maximizing the value for end users

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We put all the efforts in developing the product that will unite all key features. Our motto is ONE solution for multiple advertising needs

team focused


Every person in the company can influence its further development. Epom team is our strongest asset and their ideas really matter

Epom Ad Server team

Meet the people behind the global ad serving solution

In the past years, the Epom Ad Server team has grown to more than 130 professionals who do their best to provide you with a stable, flexible, and powerful ad serving & ad management solution

Anton Ruin Anton Ruin Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Anton Ruin

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Customers first. Innovations next.

Innovation and curiosity have always been a backbone of Epom, and we are ready to drive the industry forward with the concrete actions. We combine our expertise with the latest technology to help our customers advertise programmatically.

Andrew Liulko Andrew Liulko Chief Sales Officer
Andrew Liulko

Chief Sales Officer

In 2011, we adopted Epom's mission — to help our partners in adtech industry grow their business better. We had one common goal — to boost online advertising performance. We are shaping the online advertising industry and help establish a transparent advertising ecosystem. We've developed our own innovative features and watched the market change along with us. Farther the better!

Alexandr Bolbat Alexandr Bolbat Chief Technology Officer
Alexandr Bolbat

Chief Technology Officer

Epom Ad Server is built around the idea that our clients should be able to minimize the amount of time they spend on adjusting and setting up their advertising. It's also built around the idea that the solution should be as useful to a single publisher as it is to a large advertising network.

Sergey Schelkov Sergey Schelkov Sales Executive
Sergey Schelkov

Sales Executive

The primary goal of our sales team is to have all the answers before the questions are even asked. We focus on understanding the needs of our clients and being able to provide them with what they need, when they need it. Every member of our tightly-knit team works towards a single goal, and this gives us the opportunity to meet the rapidly growing demands and needs of our clients.

Lina Lugova Lina Lugova Chief Marketing Officer
Lina Lugova

Chief Marketing Officer

To me, Epom isn't just an ad serving solution. It is, first and foremost, a brand. It's a brand that strives to be ahead of the curve in terms of functionality, thought leadership, and understanding the online advertising ecosystem. Our marketing team goes beyond what is expected from us to gain new knowledge and insights about the industry and share this knowledge with our developer team and our clients.

Vitalii Stukalsky Vitalii Stukalsky Head of support
Vitalii Stukalsky

Head of support

Epom powers hundreds of networks, publishers and agencies, who, in turn, use our technology to serve billions of ad impressions per day. We're all about customers. In fact, all Epom products have human touch. I love our everyday challenges and victories!

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What our Partners say about us

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PrimeRoll has been working with Epom Ad-server for almost a year. Throughout this year, Epom's team has provided us with excellent customer service, responded quickly to both urgent and general queries, and did their best in assisting with any issue that came up — including ones that weren't directly related to their technology. We will definitely keep utilizing Epom's technology for our AdServing needs in future.

Ofir Peretz Ofir Peretz Head of Business Development
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It has been fantastic working with Epom Ad Server. The platform is extremely powerful and has been able to accommodate the nontraditional approach to digital promotions that our systems require. Their management platform is one of the easiest ones that I have ever used. Epom has also been very attentive to our needs for new features and capabilities. It has been a fantastic partnership.

Sam Licavoli II Sam Licavoli II Director of Products and Strategy
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With Epom Ad Server we have greater control of our traffic and higher eCPM rates.
With their wide range of ad templates, we are able to create new campaigns in a matter of minutes, and their support team is always collaborative and helpful. Epom Ad Server is an indispensable partner for our business.

Jose M. Chacon Jose M.Chacon CEO

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