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Elevate Your Ad Agency's Value with a Custom DSP

Embrace a white-label DSP and earn more on a
margin from the client’s ad spend.


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Get Your Branded DSP to Reach Ad Business Success

Do advertising business instead of mere media buying. Adopt a bespoke programmatic platform with all the features your ad agency needs to increase earnings.


Strengthen Your Brand

Own a custom DSP that mirrors your ad agency’s identity. Use your logo, colors, and domain for branding.


Maximize Client’s Paycheck

Set your own bid markups and bill clients without middlemen. No cash back or rev share with us — your clients are your business.


Improve Campaign Results

Stand out from your competition and turn views into meaningful engagement with smart auto-optimization algorithms.


Get Instant Technical Updates

Lean on us for DSP’s technical maintenance and pour all your effort into reaping all the rewards of your ad agency growth.


Offer Self-Service RTB?

Offer personal accounts to your agency’s clients, giving them bidding autonomy while you still oversee their activity.


Own Your Data & Insights

Access raw campaign data and utilize it as you need. Extract bidstream to enhance your (re)targeting and integrate 3rd-party analytics.

Take a DSP product tour to find more cool features that will help you get the best results.

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Instantly Access High-Performing oRTB Traffic

Dive into a vast ocean of premium traffic available on Epom ad exchange. Our experienced RTB team will help you connect the most relevant sources in hours.


Diverse Multi-Channel Reach

Run your ads on multiple devices, whether desktop, mobile, in-app, or CTV.


Industry-Specific Engagement

Purchase niche traffic from CBD, healthcare, iGaming, crypto, and more verticals.


Click-Driven Pop & Push Traffic

Bid via CPC to capture immediate attention and drive instant action with your ad.


Custom Supply Connections

Integrate custom SSPs seamlessly and be in full charge of your ad spend.

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logo “With Epom team guidance in setting up the white-label DSP, our agency started serving 34% more impressions with the same budget. If we did that, so can you!”
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Ray Kingman
CEO at Semcasting

Choose Cost-Conscious and Care-Driven DSP Solution

Epom white-label DSP lets you start quickly, test at low risk, and gain immediately.


Full Launch Time

Bypass years of in-house development and start using the platform in just 30 hours.


DSP Setup Fee

Benefit from free initial setup and ongoing support. Only pay for tech and traffic.


Monthly Payment

Commit 5% of ad spend to your DSP, far below the industry’s average of 10-15%.

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