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Get full guidance at the beginning of your programmatic journey and fast-track your path from zero to having your own branded DSP.

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A Quick Intro to Epom White-Label DSP

White-label DSP is a customizable platform that can be rebranded as your own product and used as your agency's in-house programmatic hub.

Get a tailored oRTB solution without investing the time and resources into developing one from scratch.

Set up Epom white-label DSP and see how it will scale your business.


Provide a self-serve DSP to your clients

Resell traffic to your clients with zero hassle. Let the clients autonomously bid on traffic through your platform.


Manage all clients in a single in-house solution

Unite all clients and traffic sources in one place instead of rushing between several DSPs.


Drive more conversions to your clients' websites

Auto-optimize campaigns by filtering underperforming traffic and personalize targeting with bidstream data.

Unlock New Revenue Streams
for Your Business

Diversify your income sources and capture the global ad market with your
independent programmatic platform, ensuring tailored traffic delivery to your clients.


Earn on Re-Selling
Unique Traffic

Boost awareness of your client’s brands. Target audiences outside search and social platforms by connecting exclusive traffic.


Profit From Reaching
More Devices

Offer ad formats for non-standard devices. Broaden your service portfolio with CTV, in-app, pop, and push traffic.


Generate Revenue from

Sell a self-serve platform instead of just buying traffic. Allow your clients to launch campaigns and bid on impressions alone.


Make Money on
Clicks & Conversions

Guarantee high ad performance by optimizing clients’ campaigns with advanced bidding algorithms and filters.


Andrew Liulko

Head of Sales

“Be fully guided from platform setup to business scale-up! We’ll help you to start with the platform and tell you secrets on how to earn more.” Schedule a call

Instantly Offer Programmatic
Services With a White-Label DSP

Epom white-label DSP, designed by marketers for marketers, is a customizable in-house RTB hub.
Compare it to other options and see how it saves on development and raises your profits.

Ready from Day One

Bypass lengthy development and start using a platform instantly.


Avoid the exorbitant costs associated with building a platform from scratch.

Ongoing Maintenance

Enjoy a constantly updated platform with regular maintenance included.

Ad Budget Savings

Cut middlemen costs by directly connecting to custom traffic sources.

Full Admin Access

Shift from being a platform user to an owner, creating and managing client accounts.

Unite Traffic Sources

Buy traffic from just one DSP by gathering all the supply partners in one place.

Complete Autonomy

Take control of all clients, campaigns, and reports in your own dashboard.

Traffic Quality Control

Know where your traffic is coming from and collect transparent analytics.

Data Ownership

Squeeze raw bidstream data from every bid response for more precise targeting.

logo “We started as a mobile app to create a sports community and connect coaches and athletes. Later, we decided to expand our business and promote our clients as an agency. After launching programmatic as a service, we increased our monthly revenue by 134%.”
author photo
Sean Leary
CEO at Sportsthread

Beginner-Friendly Features for
a Powerful Opening with Epom

Smoothly enter the new era of your ad agency — master basics of running
an RTB business with our multi-step onboarding process.


Complete Setup Assistance

Enjoy a cost-free platform setup right after the moment you sign up. We will configure the platform on the tech side to make your DSP work toward your goals from the very start.


Prompt SSP Connection

Start buying quality traffic on the spot. Our team will ensure your newly launched platform is connected to a diverse list of SSPs based on the verticals you serve.


Intro Ad Strategy Call

Refine your programmatic strategy after our expert consultation. Discover which types of ad campaigns will help you reach the full earning potential from programmatic.


Guided Optimization Launch

Build your unique optimization algorithms together with our ad operations specialist. Then — automatically improve your metrics and eliminate underdog campaigns.


Regular Performance Reviews

Schedule regular audits and receive timely feedback on your programmatic activities. Examine analytics for every client account and identify potential growth points.

Your Potential Benefits After Epom
White-Label DSP is Yours


Programmatic Budget Savings


Business Revenue Boost


Increase in Campaign Efficiency


Premium Traffic Sources

A Quick Start Guide to Your
Programmatic Success

Discover your steps toward establishing your own DSP for business.
Start free and pay only $250 after a test month.


Connect with Our Experts

Schedule your personal demo by signing up on the website and let us guide you through the product.


Access Your Platform

Get assistance with platform setup and receive your login data after we negotiate your free trial.


Re-Brand the Interface

Tailor a DSP to your brand identity, customize your dashboard, and start onboarding your clients.


Start Buying Traffic

Connect available traffic sources from Epom ad exchange or buy from your partners directly.


Gain First Profits

Offer a self-serve platform to your clients or earn a commission from handling their campaigns.

Launch Your Programmatic Services with Epom DSP

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