Video Ad Serving solution

Users switched to the video content and changed the whole state of digital ad consumption. Epom Ad Server provides you with an effective tool to launch & manage large, complex, and deeply targeted video advertising campaigns on every device with both instream and outstream video ad formats

Drive engagement

Complement your web pages with interstitial and expandable ad placements, and benefit from the ability to utilize elaborate targeting options. Epom Ad Server works with both linear (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll) and non-linear (overlay) advertising


Epom Ad Server provides you with our own video player to serve ads in a more sophisticated and customizable manner. Tailor the play duration, skip functionality, and impression capping

Magnifying performance

Automatic performance-based optimization: our smart algorithm analyzes CTR, conversion, and eCPM of all video ads and banners, giving higher priority to those that have shown better conversion and engagement rates

Our own video player

Epom video player supports multi-platform ad serving with many advanced features. Enjoy our ready-to-use video player or easily integrate your own video player with just a few steps

Best-performing ad formats

Transform your website into the premium ad inventory with oustream & instream video ad formats that enrich user experience and attract premium advertisers. Show viewable and non-intrusive ads with our creative ad formats

VAST support

Our VAST compliant ad server handles all the third-party communication: set up the VAST tag once and distribute your video ads to all VAST compatible websites

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