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Video Ad Serving solution

Did you know that video ads receive 7.5X higher CTR than banners? VAST videos proved to be the most effective ad formats. Improve your video ad serving — embrace Epom video ad server to launch & manage deeply targeted video advertising campaigns on any device and in any way you like.
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In-stream video ad formats

Make your audience take notice — embed your ad in the main video content. Pick in-stream video ad placements that work best for your business (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll). Empower your linear video ad campaigns with precise targeting options.

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Outstream video templates

Expand beyond video players — get your ads displayed everywhere. Epom video ad server features outstream video ad templates: customizable pieces of code that allow you to serve video ads anywhere on the publisher's webpage.

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VAST compliance

Our VAST-compliant ad server handles all the third-party communication: set up the VAST tag once and distribute your video ads to all VAST-compatible websites. Test VAST ads with our VAST inspector tool and make sure they're ready to fire.

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Customize your video ads: tailor the play duration, make the ad skippable, turn sound on/off. Adapt the whole dashboard according to your way of running the business and keep all your video ad serving activities in the right order.

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Epom video player

If you don't have your own VAST video player, set up ours! Epom video player supports multi-platform VAST ad serving with advanced features. Enjoy our ready-to-use solution or easily integrate another video player in our ad server.

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Enhanced performance

Take advantage of our smart algorithm that analyzes CTR, conversion, and eCPM of video ads and other formats. Automatically optimize your performance and give higher priority to video ad campaigns that show better conversion and engagement rates.

We've created an awesome tool that helps you check whether your video AD RESPONSE is VAST compliant, and also checks if your VAST tag is working properly

Validate your VAST tag

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