White Label

Our Solution — Your Brand

Epom Ad Server presents all clients with the opportunity to utilize a White Labeling option which enables full customization of the solution. Increase your brand recognition by tailoring every element of the Epom Ad Server solution to your brand — from branded email notifications to specific elements of placement codes and the user interface.

Simple Branding

Include corporate identification in various elements of the UI, work with a custom ad serving domain, and take all the necessary steps towards establishing yourself as a trustworthy, stable, and growing online advertising brand.

Custom Feature Development

Epom Ad Server clients may request the development of specific custom features necessary for the achievement of their desired goals. If you have the need for any functionality that is not currently available within the Epom Ad Server solution, simply contact your personal manager with a request and our in-house development team will begin to work toward the implementation of the desired functionality into our solution.

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