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Switch to Epom white-label DSP and multiply your ad campaign clicks and conversions.


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Use a Robust AdTech
Stack to Win Leads

Utilize auto-optimization algorithms and detailed campaign configurations to hit your clients’ target KPIs consistently.


Walk Toward Your Goals Faster

Easily filter out underperforming sources with Bidding Rules. Define your goals, and let our system work towards them seamlessly.


Bid Smart, Not High

No need to pay a fortune for prime slots. Amplify your bid with Bidding Modifier and only pay a cent over the next highest offer.


Engage with Pay-Per-Click

Attract and close leads with pop and push ads. Enjoy straightforward CPC bidding without needing to convert to CPM.


Boost Mobile App Installs

Apply 15+ mobile-specific targeting parameters designed to promote your clients' apps with precision.


Generate Real-Time Reports

Get insights fast. Access reports with 30+ performance metrics, and keep an eye on video ad engagement.


Customize and Integrate via API

Shape the DSP to fit your vision. Sync with MMPs, integrate third-party analytics or have us crafting unique features just for you.

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Connect to 30+ Premium Supply Sources Right Away

Our RTB team will ensure your swift connection to quality traffic sources. Alternatively, sign with the supply providers directly and save on a margin.


All-Device Ad

Expand your ad reach across platforms: desktop, mobile, in-app, and CTV.

Niche Audience

Target niche markets like CBD, healthcare, iGaming, crypto, and others.

Direct Contracts
with SSPs

Connect with custom SSPs effortlessly, giving you full control over ad spend.

Instant Impact
with Pop & Push

Use CPC bidding to pay for guaranteed attention and spur prompt action.

logo “We reduced our cost per acquisition by 24% within a couple of months of fine-tuning campaigns with Epom white-label DSP. Their bidding optimization tools rock!”
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Jonathan Elharar
Co-Founder at GurMob

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to Gain Maximum ROI

Improve your business results and make your ad agency thrive with Epom white-label DSP.


Ad Budget Savings

Cut your ad spend by half by connecting to supply-side platforms directly.


Decrease of CPA

Define target CPA and let the platform reach it through smart bidding optimization.

Custom Markup

On Self-Serve Accounts

Create accounts for clients so they can bid on traffic with the markup you set.

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