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Our enterprise-level ad server is tailored to fit the diverse needs of all
industry players to shine bright in the advertising universe.

Key Epom Ad Server Features
to Leverage Now

Welcome to the Epom ad serving platform product tour. Explore our core functionality
that will help you reach uncompromising precision and impact.

Ad management Ad server analytics Ad targeting SSP module

Ad Management & Customization

Lean on our solid technology for your ad strategy. Get a custom ad serving software that converts complex to simple with our developers by your side.

  • Manage campaigns & placements
  • Create custom partner accounts
  • White-label or request custom development

Analytics & Optimization

Multiply your gains through the power of data. Generate detailed reports on your campaigns and utilize robust auto optimization tools to improve their results.

  • Report featuring 40+ metrics and 10+ filters
  • Track conversions and custom actions
  • Apply CTR and CR optimization

Targeting & Priorities

Deliver your ads to the best audience segments. Use pre-set targeting attributes to narrow the user’s range or set up your own targeting based on unique publisher data.

  • Apply 20+ targeting settings right away
  • Set frequency capping and limits
  • Re-distribute banner weights for optimal visibility

Supply-Side Platform

Sell via RTB to increase your fill rates. Automate inventory management with Epom SSP module for publishers and combine programmatic and direct deals in a single interface.

  • Link your placements to DSP endpoints
  • Bundle up our ad server with a white-label DSP

Boost Engagement with Ad
Creative Templates

Save time by using pre-coded rich media templates designed for ultimate user engagement.
Diversify your offerings with 30+ formats or request custom ones.

Fixed-Size Templates

Fixed-Size Templates

Create classic yet impactful ads that are compatible with all web platforms. These are simple banners optimized for various devices.

View example
HTM5 Templates

HTM5 Templates

Bring your ads to life and serve interactive experiences. Choose simple HTML5 banners or test unique formats like playables and skins.

View example
In-App & Mobile Templates

In-App & Mobile Templates

Achieve high performance on smaller screens. Optimize for the mobile and in-app audiences with responsive and HTML5 ad templates.

View example
Video Templates

Video Templates

Capture attention by serving VAST in-stream, outstream, and VPAID video ads. Increase yield from a single ad with VMAP video sequences.

View example
Pop & Native Templates

Pop & Native Templates

Stay user-friendly while driving clicks instead of just views with native banners. Redirect users straight to the point with tab-unders.

View example

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“We managed to increase the viewability of our streaming content by 231% during our partnership. With Epom templates, we quickly launch cross-channel video campaigns for our platform. The user experience of our ads is top-notch now.”

Mohan Chilukuri

Ad Operations Executive at YuppTV

Explore Complete Epom
Ad Server Functionality

Our ad serving platform has more than 800+ customizable features on board.
Learn more about it’s core modules and their highlights.

Tree-Like Interface

Create publishers and advertisers in one dashboard.

Campaign Management

Launch fine-tuned direct campaigns.

Banner Placement

Manage placements on your website or app.

Roles & Permissions

Open sub-accounts for your partners or clients.

Platform White-Labeling

Rebrand our platform to resonate with your identity.

API and Custom Development

Integrate extras via API or order custom development.

Granular Reporting

Analyze 40+ metrics and get custom reports with 10+ filters.

eCPM Optimization

Maximize earnings from each placement.

CTR and CR Optimization

Get more clicks and conversions.

Performance Tracking

Track ad actions and collect performance data.

Real-Time Analytics

Enjoy intelligent data analysis.

Custom Targeting

Set up unique targeting variables based publisher data.

Frequency Capping

Prevent ad fatigue and ensure optimal exposure.

Banner Display Rules

Increase ad visibility with strategic banner prioritization.

Manual Weighing

Get refined control over ad creative distribution.

Waterfalls & Daisy Chaining

Define hierarchy or a specific sequence of ads to show.

iGaming Ad Network
125% More Leads
for Clients with Epom

“We've been leveraging the Epom Standard Plan for over a year, and it drastically transformed our business. Their ad templates for skins, catfish, and outstream video ads helped us increase clicks and conversions on our iGaming clients' landing pages. On top of that, their tech support is truly unbeatable.”

Arkadii C.

CMO at Adera


Higher user retention rate thanks to better ad UX


Lower ad discrepancy thanks to advanced analytics


Higher CTR thanks to better targeting and optimization

Epom ad serving platform plans start from $212/Mo.

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"An effective tool if you need to control your traffic sources"

We've seen benefits from the robust ad-serving tool in monitoring traffic source quality. The platform helps us manage our advertising campaigns efficiently and create engaging ad units and formats ...

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on one. Gain a deeper understanding of the industry by exploring our informative guides.


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Make the right choice for your business by exploring platform features and beyond that should be present in your ideal ad serving software. Learn how to avoid overcharging, poor customer support, and rigid liabilities.


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What is an ad server definition?

An ad server is an ad tech platform that allows publishers and advertisers to manage their ads, campaigns, and inventory with high precision. Ad servers were the first-ever advertising tools and are still used for direct deals and manual control over campaigns. Ad networks use ad serving software to match their clients in a single system and earn money on a margin set on a deal.

What is the difference between an ad server and a DSP?

An ad server is a tool primarily used for direct deal management, meaning you have to know your partners in person and negotiate the costs of an ad placement before launching a campaign.

A demand-side platform (DSP) is a tool used for programmatic advertising, meaning the process happens here automatically, based solely on the advertiser’s targeting preferences and publisher’s inventory characteristics.

Thus, ad servers match the exact ads to placements, while DSPs match targeting to audiences. In the latter case, placement itself doesn’t play any significant role.

How much does an ad server cost?

Depending on your needs and volumes, costs may range from free to thousands of dollars. The average typical fee for a hosted ad server is around $200-500. That’s for the basic package, while more advanced plans typically reach $1000-2000 in their pricing.

Epom offers cheap options starting from $212 for our Light plan and $850 for our Growth plan if you pay annually.

Why use an ad server?

This technology offers you tons of opportunities for your advertising strategy optimization. The major benefits of using an ad server are complete control over your ad management, robust auto-optimization of your ad or placement performance, and a significant revenue boost if you run an advertising business.

How do I build an ad server?

Building the product from scratch gives you tremendous autonomy and control, although such a path is far from budget-friendly.

It may cost thousands for a super basic solution and millions for a sophisticated one. You’ll have to cover staff salaries, technical maintenance, hosting, and security expenses.

White-labeling can be an alternative to this. The technology is ready for you immediately: you just have to re-brand the platform as your own and customize the interface for your needs. Technical maintenance and updates stay on us. Meanwhile, you focus on growing your company.

What are some ad server examples?

The best ad serving software on the market are Google Ad Manager, Epom, AdButler, Kevel, AdGlare, and Revive, to list a few. All of them are different in terms of the companies they cater to, features, pricing, and overall product policies. You can check out our ad server platforms comparison to see which one might fit you best.

Why is an ad server important?

Reason 1: Ad servers are the industry’s golden standard for managing direct ad campaigns.

Reason 2 : Ad server software effectively improves ad performance and maximizes earnings from each ad placement.

Do I need an ad server?

If you’re:

  • An advertiser who wants to run direct ad campaigns;
  • A publisher who wants to link their ad placements with ads from demand partners;
  • An ad network/agency who wants to match their clients’ demand & supply;

Then yes and yes, you need an ad serving solution.

How does an ad server work?

In simple terms, an ad server serves ads; this is called ad serving. The process is a staple of direct media buying – the type of ad deals where the publisher's and advertiser's ad servers connect with each other without any intermediaries.

Who uses ad servers?

Brands, publishers, ad networks/agencies – every business interested in direct media buying can benefit from ad server software. The technology helps:

  • Advertisers to structure their ad serving activities and decrease money lost due to a lack of data and human errors;
  • Publishers to connect with multiple demand partners and manage mutual campaigns in one interface;
  • Ad networks to match publishers and advertisers in a single dashboard, serve ads across different channels simultaneously, and monitor both publishers' and advertisers’ performance in real-time.
How does the ad server work with DSP?

In a bundle, you use an ad server platform as a supply-side tool. SSP and DSP form a complete in-house programmatic stack, which means automated, fast, and effortless connection of your advertisers to your ad placements.

What is the difference between an ad network and an ad server?

An online advertising network is a business that matches the publisher’s inventory and advertiser’s demand and earns money from a deal margin.

An ad server, on the other hand, is a software tool that hosts information about ads and delivers advertising content to different digital platforms, websites, and mobile apps.

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