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Control Your
Ad Spend with a
White-Label DSP
for Advertisers

Launch in-house RTB operations with a white-label DSP and cut ad spend by 30-50%.


Trusted by Top Brands and Advertisers

Build a Home for Your Ads with Customizable Tools

Epom white-label DSP allows advertisers to set up a powerful in-house programmatic platform with a feature-rich toolkit.


Achieve Goals with

Effortlessly reach your campaign KPIs. Leverage our auto-optimization features and eliminate underperforming traffic.


Own Your Programmatic Data

Maintain complete control over your data and use bidstream to better analyze and target your brand’s audience.


Integrate Sophisticated Attribution

Connect leading MMPs through postback URLs and track multiple actions via server-to-server performance tracking.


Re-Engage Users
That Didn’t Convert

Recapture the attention of potential customers who didn't convert initially with pixel-based segments and IFA lists.


Diversify with Multiple Ad Formats

Unlock the most effective programmatic formats, including interstitials, videos, popunders, and native banners.


Tailor Interface to Brand Identity

Customize the DSP interface to resonate with your brand's identity, creating a familiar environment for your team.

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Instant Access to Premium Traffic in a Single Hub

Swiftly connect to 30+ quality traffic sources with the help of your personal account manager. Transcend industry restrictions and buy niche traffic beyond limits. 


Broad Geographic Reach

Target an extensive list of Asian, African, European, and American geos.


Niche Audience Engagement

Zoom in on non-mainstream niches like CBD, healthcare, crypto, dating, and iGaming.


Performance-Based Traffic

Buy clicks instead of impressions with pop & push formats and drive visitors to your site.


In-App and CTV Reach

Acquire users on popular & emerging platforms, enhancing your brand’s presence.

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logo “After transitioning to Epom white-label DSP, we reduced time spent on campaign management by 50%. We streamlined buying traffic in Africa and improved OTT media reach.”
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Benito Alvarez Taddei
CEO at BaseBone

Amplify Your Advertising Returns & Optimize Your Budget

Double your results without increasing your ad budget. Arm your brand with a powerful ad tech solution and redirect your focus toward scaling your business.


Ad Budget Savings

Directly connect with the SSPs that matter most and invest every cent in fair CPMs.


Setup Fee

Enjoy quick, free, and fully guided platform setup right after registration.


Monthly Commitment

Pay the minimum price for technology, bypassing the market’s average of 10-15%.

Skip Middlemen and Optimize Ad Budgets with Your Own DSP

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