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About Epom

Who we are

Epom is a Ukrainian-based tech company that Forbes has recently named one of the Ukrainian top-30 startups. We are a family of ad tech products designed for meaningful advertising.

Our brand was founded in 2010 by Anton Ruin, Sergey Chudnovsky and Alex Lunkov, and was an early adopter of programmatic and ad tech innovations.

Our milestones
2011 Launched Epom Market ad network
2013 Became a member of IAB and partners with Google AdX
2016 Started Epom Apps and became a certified Yahoo vendor
2018 Created white-label DSP product
2019 MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognized Epom with the AdTech Innovation Award
2020 Released major updates of its DSP product and became a TCF 2.0 Registered Vendor
2021 Was recognized as a TOP-30 Ukrainian startup by Forbes
2022 Became TOP G2 Provider of the Year
2023 Served 5766 billion traffic monthly during the year
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Retention Rate
Years of Expertise

Meet Our C-Level Team

Anton Ruin

CEO at Epom

Anton is an accomplished tech entrepreneur who built the Epom ad server from scratch and successfully led the company for years. He passionately expands his skills and vision and shares with the team.

Anton is an eager seeker of the ways to solve organizational problems with minimum resources, but maximum effect.

Andrew Liulko

Chief Sales Officer

Andrew is a Chief Sales Officer at Epom with solid expertise in programmatic advertising. He was at the roots of the Epom ad exchange and DSP, notably inking deals with industry giants like IAB and Google.

As an ad tech expert with 12 years of experience, he regularly represents Epom on the top industry events, like AdTech London and Ad Summit.

Lina Lugova

Chief Marketing Officer

Lina is a strategic leader and team builder passionate about marketing and communications to drive business growth in the B2B segment. She thrives on the front lines, building the brand and getting new partnerships worldwide.

Lina has been featured in theNextWeb, Martech Zone, MartechSeries, and Marketing Profs and shares her expertise on YouTube.

Sergey Shchelkov

Sales Executive

Sergey is the king of closed deals and has a record of sealing over 150+ leads. Wargaming, Ironsource, and ClassTag are some of Sergey's top-tier clients.

He has over 10 years of experience in the ad tech industry and regularly contributes to the top tech-related media. Get his insights on the Martech Podcast and Attribution Marketing Podcast.

Epom Products

Check our downloadables that include product-related visuals, presentations, and guides.

ad server icon

Epom ad server

An ad management solution for ad networks, publishers, and brands.

Download archive
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Epom white-label DSP

A ready-to-use RTB bidder designed for transparent and autonomous advertising.

Download archive

Epom Brand Kit

Here you can download the company-related stuff, such as logo, mascot, icons, and team photos.

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Epom brand guide

Get the brand logo, images, and icons. Please avoid modifying or misusing our logo.

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Mr. Growth

Mr. Growth is our mascot. He is an integral part of Epom’s design system.

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Team photos

Find high-resolution images of our team. All images are fit to print.


Our Most Viewed Videos

Here we gathered the media buying and programmatic video gems;
check them out on our YouTube channel.

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Epom In Media

Find the links to the coolest articles we have ever written for the top-tier industry media.

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2024 Predictions: What’s Changed In AdTech And How Will It Impact Advertising This Year?

2024 is here, having brought new waves of anticipation and optimism about the state of AdTech. From the overwhelming impact of artificial intelligence (AI) to the brand wars with ad blockers – this past year was saturated with events.

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Ad Tech Report: Is the Medium Rectangle's Era Over?

Behold, the medium rectangle ad banner (also known as a mid-page unit, or MREC), a wondrous 300x250 pixel digital canvas that has captivated and charmed audiences for years!

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5 DSP Tweaks to Increase Programmatic Performance From an Expert Media Buyer

It takes one second to press the “launch” button. Millions more go into fine-tuning all the tumblers before and after. This piece by Kateryna Novatska tells how never to regret launching a campaign and never drain your media buying budgets away.

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How Do You Like Your Netflix? Basic with Ads, Please

As Netflix faces increased competition and revenue challenges, it has introduced a cheaper subscription plan with ads. Kateryna Novatska, head of marketing at Epom, delves into the changing CTV landscape, Netflix’s decision, and the implications for advertisers.

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7 Signs You Do Not Need An Ad Server

Most ad tech providers will try to convince you that you need an ad server, especially if you’re a high-volume ad network because that is what they are trying to sell.

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6 fatal mistakes made by ad tech giants in the 2010s — and what they can teach you

During the last ten years we have witnessed the growth and flourishing of ad tech. Since then, many good things have been said about the roaring success of industry giants.

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2021 Adtech Predictions

Ad tech market researchers recently revised the expected ad spent figures down to $738 billion.

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Let’s build your B2B video marketing strategy based on these examples

As the importance of video for marketing grows, we look at how B2B brands must prepare for the digital world dominated by video content.

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What’s Happening with AdTech Today: Thoughts of the CEO Who Spent Ten Years in the Industry

Ten years ago, I debuted as the CEO of an ad server. At that time, my Epom team broke into the AdTech industry with a technology that allowed advertisers, publishers, and ad networks to make revenue with online ads.

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