Display Ad Serving

Simple and Engaging Display Ad Serving

Regardless of the size of your advertising campaign, launching, managing, optimizing, and tracking the results of your campaign will be exceptionally easy. Use features such as mass uploading, performance based optimization, and our extensive targeting functionality to ensure the success of your advertising while minimizing the time spent planning and launching the campaign.

Engaging Ad Formats

Select from a wide range of advertising formats to ensure the displayed banners and Rich Media are engaging and eye-catching but also relevant and unintrusive. Epom Ad Server supports standard and non-standard banner placements, static banners, and Rich Media (pop-ups, pop-unders, corner peels, expandable ads, interstitial ads, and more).

Easy Campaign Management

Simplify the process of launching and running advertising campaigns with mass uploads, campaign import/export functionality, and automatic performance based optimization. Each advertising campaign can combine a multitude of placements, banner types, and targeting options (location, language, IP, browser, OS, time range, retargeting, etc.). See the results of your advertising operations in real-time and make prompt decisions regarding your campaign's optimization.

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