Supported ad formats

Epom Ad Server supports all popular ad formats: Display, Rich Media, Video (linear & non-linear), specific Mobile formats, custom HTML, Flash video, and more.

Supported ad formats



Standard ad units like png, gif, flash animation.


Banners that expand when you rollover them to show more advertising content. Could be pics or flash.


An interstitial ad is a full-page ad that appears before the actual webpage.

Video Interstitial

An interstitial with video inside.

Floating Ad

The floating ad appears to “float” over web page content on a transparent background layer.

Wallpaper / Skinning Ads

Skinning Ads are transparent pic serving as background for the website.


This ad format peel away the web page corner.


Image or flash animation that is placed on the bottom of the web page and expanded upon clicking on it.

Pop-up and pop-under

Those are ad formats with ad window appears above or behind the main browser window.

Push-down - IAB Rising stars

Displays a banner that unfolds down the site.

Sidekick - IAB Rising stars

Sidekick pushes page content horizontally to the left.

Upper Bar

Image or flash animation that is placed on the top of the web page above the website header.

Video Ads

Regular video banners displayed inside the webpage.

Video Formats


Pre-roll video plays before the main video stream.


A video appears in the middle of main video stream.


A video appears after the main video stream.

Companion Ads

Graphical ads that are shown around the player as linear and non-linear advertising is displayed within the player.