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Benefits of Mobile Ad Serving Platform
for App-Centric Companies

Build your own mobile ad server to manage your app inventory without intermediaries.
Learn which businesses benefit the most from our software and how it boosts revenue.


Game & App Developers

Improve brand visibility and trust by advertising on premium editorial sites. Align your ads with content that resonates with your audience.


Mobile Ad Networks

Deliver more value by offering non-intrusive, targeted ads within publisher apps. Ensure precise audience reach on mobile for brands.


Mobile-Focused Sites

Maximize your site's earnings with perfectly integrated ads. Drive higher engagement and click-through rates from ads on your mobile version.

Serve a Variety of
Mobile-Optimized Ad Templates

Choose from 20+ mobile-first ad formats to enrich visitors' experience and achieve
a higher yield from each campaign. Explore our best-performing templates or
create your custom ad unit.


In-App Playable Interstitial

Captivate users with an interactive ad that drives conversions. Optimize earnings charging via the CPA pricing model.

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In-App Banner

Boost visibility by placing this template in the app footer. Rotate banners to maximize profits from each ad placement.

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Custom In-App Template

Customize your ad’s position and interactive features to design a lucrative in-app template, with our developers ready to assist.

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Mobile Banner

Showcase this basic lightweight banner on your mobile site to maintain high speed and ensure a positive user experience.

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Integrate this expandable ad among your editorial content for a native feel. Achieve 100% viewability and increase click-through rates.

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Responsive Banner

Facilitate cross-device campaigns with adaptable banners. Upload multiple images and accommodate them on all mobile screens.

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Expand on-page inventory with this banner that appears in the page’s footer. Earn more with increased CTR and conversion rate.

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Maximize your site monetization with this top-of-the-page template, ensuring outstanding visibility and ad performance.

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Multi Image Skin

Transform your site's background into a valuable ad space. Enjoy a seamless user experience and high payouts.

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Ad Templates. Dive in Now

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Robust Capabilities of Epom
Mobile Ad Server

Discover how our technology allows you to run direct ads and ads from other
ad networks, ensuring optimal compatibility, speed, and performance.

Unlock Interactivity with MRAID

Serve rich media mobile ads across all devices and operational systems thanks to our MRAID support. Ensure your creatives perform well in each of the differently built apps.

Access Unrivaled Customization

Create unique ad templates tailored to your app interface that appeal most to your audience. Update their elements in real time with JSON ad delivery.

Reach Narrow Mobile Audiences

Target users on the go with diverse targeting parameters, including device vendor, operating system, carrier, and even any custom mobile-specific variable.

Monitor Mobile Ad Statistics

Generate custom advertising reports with 40+ available metrics to analyze. Swiftly get detailed insights and optimize your mobile campaigns for better returns.

Sell Inventory Programmatically

Automatically fill underperforming placements and increase revenue with real-time bidding Utilize an SSP module for publishers built into our mobile ad serving platform.

Track Diverse Ad Actions

Collect conversion data about various events via pixel and postback tracking. Monitor purchases, installs, sign-ups, and ad interactions like drag-and-drops or rewards.

More about Ad Server
“With Epom mobile ad serving software, we've got what we need: the liberty of zero revenue sharing and complete control over our ads. As we launch our app, we're striving to double the monetization of our online magazine.”
Zoia Kolton
Sales Operations Manager
at Rapaport
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Check out additional opportunities to enhance your business as it grows.

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Fill your website's desktop version with versatile ads for expanded reach.

Video Ad Server

Improve your app monetization by incorporating video ad creatives.

Native Ad Server

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What is a mobile ad server?

A mobile ad server is a technology platform that helps users launch, manage, and track advertising campaigns on mobile devices. It may include both mobile web and in-app ad serving. Mobile ad servers also offer tools to optimize ad delivery to target audiences on smartphones and tablets.

The best platforms, like Epom, also offer a variety of mobile-specific ad format templates, which help boost engagement and, therefore, revenue from app inventory.

What is the difference between in-app and mobile ad serving?

In-app ad serving delivers ads within mobile applications using SDKs (Software Development Kits) to help developers seamlessly integrate ads into the app interface. Mobile ad serving is a broader term that includes placing ads on mobile websites using responsive ad templates to adapt them to different screen sizes.

While in-app ads are integrated directly into app environments, mobile ads are served to web browsers on mobile devices. Thus, mobile web ads are not different from regular display ads and require a simple Javascript tag to be shown. In-app ads, by contrast, need to follow MRAID standards to be optimized for multiple apps and often utilize JSON to generate ad units native to a specific app.

What should I choose: mobile ad networks or mobile ad serving platforms?

The choice between mobile ad networks and mobile ad serving platforms depends on your specific needs and goals.

Mobile ad networks are suitable if you're looking for a straightforward way to monetize your app or mobile site without dealing with individual advertisers. These companies provide aggregated traffic from different sources and handle ad management. However, you will receive only a small share of the ad revenue and have less control over which ads are displayed.

Pros: simplicity and time savings
Cons: lower revenue, little-to-no control, lack of transparency

Mobile ad serving platforms give you complete control over your ad operations. You manage relationships with advertisers by yourself and can optimize your ad placements and revenue as best as possible. It offers transparent analytics, deep targeting options, and the flexibility to serve ads from multiple sources, including direct deals with trusted advertisers or programmatic selling.

Pros: maximized revenue, total control, complete transparency
Cons: steeper learning curve, time investments

Ultimately, a mobile ad server is better if you prioritize control and optimization in your ad strategy. A mobile ad network might be better if ease of use is more important. Generally, we recommend our ad server to app developers with multiple applications or those seeking extensive customization for their ad creatives.

How do I launch a campaign with a mobile ad server?

It’s simpler than ever: create a new campaign under a chosen advertiser and select the mobile banner type. Next, upload an image you want to use as the creative or use a template you already have. You can also fetch it from an external source like a URL, Javascript tag, or even a mobile ad network.

After doing this, you must link this banner to one of the existing mobile placements on your website or inside your app. The campaign will go live automatically, but you can switch it off in the general dashboard at any time.

How can I increase revenue from in-app ad placement?

To boost in-app ad revenue, strategically place ads where they're visible yet non-intrusive, such as loading pauses, the app footer, or screen edges. Embrace ad templates and interactive ads for higher engagement. Incorporate rewarded ads to incentivize user engagement and experiment with customization of these units.

Also, set up precise targeting to increase the likelihood of user actions, which generally pay more money. You can also utilize our in-built click-through and conversion rate optimizations. To improve your long-term strategy, dive into analytics and track actions to see what works and what’s not.

From the technical side, ensure your app loads quickly and has a clean interface. Update your app regularly and ensure it is equally usable on all supported operating systems and mobile devices.

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