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Start your ad network and launch non-standard ad campaigns. Control your monetization as a publisher or gain complete autonomy for your brand — it’s all tailored to your needs!


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Discover the Benefits of Display
Ad Serving for Your Business

Enhance your advertising efforts with our time-tested, reliable technology. Learn how
our display ad server can specifically empower your company.



Launch targeted branding campaigns independently. Work directly with chosen publishers to serve ads that resonate with specific audiences.


Ad Networks

Establish an essential tech base for your business to streamline ad operations. Connect publishers to advertisers and improve your service delivery.


Website Owners

Manage your ad inventory and boost revenue with your own solution. Expand your ad placements while maintaining a smooth user experience.

Use Perfectly Fit Ad Templates
to Optimize User Experience

Explore a diverse range of banner ad templates that simplify campaign setup.
Choose from the best ad formats within the Epom display ad server or
customize your own for special needs.


Desktop Banner

Launch ads right away with this IAB-approved, lightweight template. Upload a picture to our display ad server, and you're ready to go.

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Mobile Banner

Extend your reach and win the attention of mobile users with a simple banner optimized specially for the mobile web.

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Tablet Banner

Cover the remaining batch of your audience — set up ad campaigns targeted at tablet devices with this simple ad template.

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Responsive Banner

Ensure a consistent user experience across all devices with this banner template. It automatically adjusts to fit any screen size.

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Grab attention by placing this one over the website’s header — it’s impossible to miss without clicking or skipping the ad.

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Drive more engagement with the ad that slides out of the bottom of the page and stays until clicked or dismissed as the user scrolls down.

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Desktop Native

Enhance user engagement even more. Enrich your display ad serving with an ad that imitates the feel and look of the website.

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Transform the look of entire web pages with the ad that wraps around the site content, offering a striking visual impact.

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Custom Banner

Create unique banners by customizing this template. Tailor every element of your ad according to your vision and meet specific goals.

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Discover Our Full Collection of
Captivating Ad Formats. Browse Now

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Top Feature Highlights
of Our Display Ad Server

Create and refine your display ad serving strategy with robust features. Customize,
launch, and optimize your campaigns to achieve ultimate success with your ads.


Simplify Campaign Management

Save time and streamline your workflow, enabling faster adjustments. Manage large-scale ad operations with mass uploads, automated banner linking, and bulk updates.


Maximize Your Audience Reach

Run campaigns across all platforms with our responsive templates, ensuring your ads perform optimally on desktop, mobile, tablet, and even DOOH screens.


Optimize Banner Performance

Boost CTR, conversion rates, and eCPM with our optimization. These tools automatically adjust banner weights based on their performance and prioritize the best-performing ones.


Deeply Target Your Audience

Choose from 30+ readily available parameters or define custom criteria to connect with specific user segments, enhancing your campaign relevance and impact.


Generate Custom Reports

Access advanced analytics to track over 40 key metrics and create tailored reports. Filter and analyze data to gain in-depth insights and make informed decisions.


Deliver Ads in Milliseconds

Provide lightning-fast ad delivery with our globally distributed servers, capable of handling high traffic volumes even during peak times and sporting events.

More about Ad Server
“Our partnership with Epom is one of the reasons our ad network grew 5x in seven years. Their flexibility and support helped us tremendously enhance our native ad serving. I’d say the variety of customization options is key here.”
Michael Wichert
Growth & Partnerships
Advisor at FinanzTrends
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Explore a World of Advertising
Possibilities Beyond Display

Scale your business by adding more ad formats to your display ad serving strategy.

Rich Media Ad Server

Engage users with interactive and animated ads designed to drive conversions.

Native Ad Server

Integrate your ads with site content and enhance user experience on your site.

Video Ad Server

Maximize engagement with both in-stream and outstream video ad templates.


What is a display ad server?

A display ad server is an ad tech platform that enables you to host, serve, and track banner ads directly on your or your partners’ websites. It efficiently delivers ads to ensure quick loading times and optimal performance without burdening the website.

What are the key benefits of using a display ad server?

Owning a display ad server allows you to manage your ad operations independently, eliminating reliance on third parties that may take a cut of your revenue. Such autonomy is crucial for publishers and advertisers, offering complete control over every aspect of ad operations.

For ad networks, it provides a robust platform to manage client campaigns, improve ad targeting accuracy, streamline ad management, and enhance performance tracking. Automation and optimization of ad placements also maximize ROI and reduce manual efforts.

How can I ensure my display ads are reaching the right audience?

To ensure the audience will interact with your display ads, utilize advanced targeting options available on our ad server, such as demographic, geographic, and behavioral targeting. Regularly review and adjust your targeting settings based on performance data to refine your audience segmentation.

An even more thoughtful approach is to use unique targeting data collected on your or your partner’s website. Custom targeting variables allow you to target narrow audience segments for hyper-relevant advertising.

What should I do to make my display ads more successful?

Utilize our advanced analytics to track performance and make data-driven decisions. Use automated optimization tools to adjust campaign parameters in real-time for optimal results. Ensure your ads are designed responsively to work across all devices, and test different ad format templates to see which placements bring you the best results.

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