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Earn More From
Your Ad Space with
Video Ad Server

Unleash the full potential of placements with video ad serving technology. Increase your revenue by serving high-impact outstream video ads that don’t require a video player.


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Benefits of Video Ad Server for
Publishers & Ad Networks

Bring motion to your ads to boost engagement rates. Learn how to effectively utilize
our video ad serving technology to increase your company revenue.


Website Owners

Grow the inventory capacity of your site even without original video content.

  • 300%uplift in ad revenue
  • 750%higher CTRs
  • 35%faster ad load

Video Ad Networks

Set up your video ad serving platform to manage clients and optimize campaigns.

  • 250%increase in ad campaign ROI
  • 17%uplift in buyer intent
  • 28%boost in page view duration

OTT Service Providers

Run in-stream ads on various devices to monetize your video content.

  • 52%broader audience coverage
  • 79%better retargeting results
  • 50%increase in watch time

Use Customizable Templates for
VAST-Compliant Video Ads

Launch video ad campaigns in minutes with pre-set templates included in all Epom video
ad server plans. Choose from our best-performing video ad formats, or create your own.


In-Feed Outstream Video

Integrate this native-looking ad within editorial content on any website. No video player? We provide one for publishers who don’t have it.

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Outstream Video Slider

Capture your audience’s attention with a dynamic video slider. Muted by default, it engages without disrupting the user experience.

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Outstream Video Overlay

Boost your CTR with a clickable ad that can cover any page element. For optimal results, place it before a pre-roll in-stream.

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VMAP Video Sequence

Maximize your payouts by displaying multiple ads within a single video slot. Design a sequence of ads for a killer monetization strategy.

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Youtube VPAID Video

Save money by repurposing a YouTube video as an in-stream ad on your site, blending seamlessly with your existing video content.

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VAST Video

Deliver smooth, VAST-compliant ads within the breaks of your video content. Select from pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll formats.

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VAST Non-Linear

Reach peak viewability with a non-intrusive image ad that overlays a part of the screen during video playback and remains visible until the end.

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Custom Video Template

Achieve exceptional results with a video ad tailored to your preferences. Start with one of our templates or request we build a new one.

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“We hit the mark of serving 210M video impressions per month after partnering with Epom. Their video ad server helped us establish a thriving video ad network and offer very lucrative conditions for our publisher and advertiser clients.”
Oleksandr Leontiev
Business Development
Manager at ViewTraff
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Streamline Your Video Ad Serving
with These Terrific Features

Discover the best tools of our video ad server meant to level up your or
your clients’ website monetization. Skip the tedious video player setup and
start earning immediately.


Monetize Your Video Content

Insert pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads into your videos. Fine-tune their settings to strike the perfect balance between high revenue and optimal user experience.


Create Video Inventory from Scratch

Transform banner placements into video ads without existing video content. Utilize our outstream templates to create profitable ad placements beyond the standard ones.


Maximize Your Payouts

Reduce costs and increase earnings from each ad placement with our customizable VMAP and VPAID ads. Ensure fast site performance with VAST-compliant formats.


Optimize Ad Performance

Improve video engagement and conversion rates with our automatic algorithms. Select from optimization tools focused on refining CTR, CR, or eCPM.


Monitor Video-Specific Metrics

Gain insights on 40+ metrics for video ad performance. Track viewer interactions, generate ultimate reports, and fine-tune your campaigns based on precise data.


Set Up Multi-Platform Video Player

Easily integrate our versatile video player across your platforms. Start delivering video ads out-of-the-box, even if your website previously did not support them.

More about Ad Server

Video is a #1
Ad Format
for Epom Clients

See the impact of Epom video ad server through these numbers, which reflect our clients' success and trust in our platform.


Video ad network clients already trust us


Average increase in revenue for video publishers


Epom clients claim video to be their most effective ad serving format


Platform subscription renewal rate


Year-over-year average client growth

Get More Than Just a Video Ad Server

Our clients stay with us for an average of 4.5 years because of our extended value.
Experience ultimate care and service when you choose us.


Fast Servers Worldwide

Ensure minimal latency with our globally distributed servers. Deliver video ads swiftly during peak times and efficiently handle high traffic volumes.


Lifetime Tech Support

Benefit from ongoing technical support at no additional cost for as long as you use our services. Get continuous software updates and account revisions.


14-Days Free Trial

Try our video ad server for free with no obligation. Explore all the features and benefits firsthand and see the difference it makes to your ad revenue.


Dedicated Account Manager

Enjoy personalized service with a guide who understands your business and its needs. Get proactive advice and support to supercharge your potential.

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Start With a Video Ad Server
with These Simple Steps

Get our expert assistance with technical platform setup and launch your first
campaign hassle-free. Follow these steps to learn how it usually works.


Setup Your Video Ad Server

Access the platform after we install it on your network’s domain. Configure the server with our assistance to meet your specific needs.


Decide on Ad Placement

Determine strategic points within your video content for ad placement. Adapt banner and expandable ad spaces for outstream video ad insertion.


Select a Video Ad Template

Streamline ad insertion by fitting the creative into one of our templates. Embed the VAST tag in the designated space on your webpage.


Define Pricing and Priorities

Define a pricing model for your campaign and set your CPC, CPA, or CPM. Prioritize banners and determine targeting for better relevance.


Launch and Optimize Ads

Run your first campaign and get the first results promptly. Analyze data, track conversions, and fine-tune your setup according to these insights.

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Enhance Your Ad Serving with
More Versatile Formats

Complement your video ads with various rich media banner templates, also included
in your video ad server plan. Check out what else we have to offer:


Display Ad Server

Boost audience reach with simple, affordable banners that fit any website.

Rich Media Ad Server

Run creative ad campaigns aimed to maximize user engagement and interactivity.

Mobile Ad Server

Deliver ads in apps and mobile sites, grabbing attention on the move.


What is a video ad server?

A video ad server is a technology platform that hosts video ads and serves them to designated slots on websites, apps, or other digital platforms. It enables publishers, advertisers, and ad networks to manage, schedule, and display video ads based on targeting criteria such as viewer demographics, behavior, or geographic location. The server also provides tools for tracking ad performance, measuring viewer engagement, and optimizing ad campaigns.

How is video ad serving technically different from display?

Video ad serving differs from display ad serving mainly in the complexity and data usage. Video ads involve larger file sizes and more complex file formats compared to display ads, requiring more bandwidth and careful management to ensure smooth playback without buffering.

Moreover, they must be compatible with video players and adhere to specific standards like VAST or VPAID to ensure they can play across different devices and platforms.

Video ads track engagement metrics such as starts, pauses, completions, and skips, which differ from the typical click-through rates associated with display ads.

What is the difference between in-stream and outstream video ads?

In-stream video ads are played before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the main video content within the same video player. They are part of the video stream and are designed to fit seamlessly into the viewing experience. You can frequently see these ads on YouTube or various OTT platforms.

Outstream ads appear in non-video environments, such as text content or sidebar placements. They do not require an existing video player and can start playing when they come into view on the screen.

Is Epom platform just for publishers?

While our platform's video functionality is mainly used by our publisher and ad network clients, advertisers and ad agencies can also utilize it for their needs.

However, less than 5% of our video ad server clients identify as advertisers. Brands prefer using our other product: white-label DSP.

This platform allows for programmatic video media buying and is a better fit for advertisers since they don’t have to look for publishers themselves and instead just bid on available inventory.

What are VAST, VPAID, and VMAP?

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is a standard developed by the IAB for serving video ads. It provides an ad request template for calling for video ads from ad servers and handles how ad data is transferred and tracked.

VPAID (Video Player Ad-Interface Definition) allows for rich interaction within video ads, supporting enhanced ad experiences like interactive elements and detailed event tracking.

VMAP (Video Multiple Ad Playlist) allows website owners to insert multiple ads within a single video content file, specifying where each ad should be placed within the video stream.

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